Showa wire and cable systems has developed connectors for aluminum conductor cables

by:AAA     2020-03-27
Chinalco network news, Showa wire and cable systems company under Japan's Showa Wire Group (Headquarters: Tokyo)And Exsym (Headquarters: Tokyo) Connectors that can be used in aluminum conductor cables have been developed. Compared with commonly used copper wires, the use of aluminum conductors can reduce material costs, but when buried underground, it is very difficult to connect cables and power equipment. Using the connector developed this time, aluminum conductor cables can be used to reduce costs, and cables can also be buried underground. At present, with the increase of photovoltaic power stations and wind power stations, the demand for reducing the laying cost of transmission systems and the construction period tends to expand. In solving these problems, conductor cables made of aluminum instead of expensive copper can be used to reduce the cost of materials, and the construction period can be shortened by burying the cables on the ground. Using the newly developed connector, aluminum conductor cables can be used to build a long-distance underground transmission system. In this way, the laying cost can be reduced by about 20% compared with that when copper conductors are used. There are three kinds of connectors developed this time, they are respectively the 'Overhead terminal connector' connecting the above-ground power grid, the 'linear connector materials' connecting the underground aluminum wires, and the 'T-type terminal connector' used for substation equipment '. Using these products, the construction of the whole system can be completed with aluminum conductors and corresponding components. The two companies obtained orders from Tokyo Power Technology, a subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power in July 2014, 7400m aluminum conductor cables and connectors will be provided to the 24MW photovoltaic power station planned to be built in Taizi town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. According to reports, this is Japan's first transmission system for large photovoltaic power stations using aluminum conductors. The new connector products will be officially sold from October 2014, with the goal of achieving sales of 1 billion yen in 2015.
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