Shanghai metro next month to introduce new hassles automatically identify suspicious personnel

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Shanghai metro next month to introduce new hassles automatically identify suspicious personnel aipuwaton P security checkpoint was on the screen of the green logo to red, then remind staff had checked bags found contraband. This ability to automatically identify new security checkpoint flammable liquids and explosives, has quietly on-orbit xujiahui station pilot. Believe that visited the 17th session of Shanghai international public safety products expo audience should have deep impression to the product, it is produced by processing on security technology co. , LTD. , Shanghai road, Ken's intelligent technology companies to participate in research and development of X-ray security procuratorial instrument. According to the Shanghai rail traffic police party, Shanghai subway security system is gradually upgrade, next month will also introduce new hassles, as long as carry id card from my torso, system can automatically read the identity information, can timely found the escaped prisoner suspicious personnel, such as hand in south station first pilot program will orbit. Recognition accuracy than % yesterday, the reporter in rail line in xujiahui station, met the new security checkpoint. Look from the exterior, it makes no difference with normal security checkpoint, just more than a small screen. According to the Shanghai public security bureau men-only team Sun Shengyu is introduced, the public security detachment police and the use of security checkpoint requires human visual image resolution suspicious, new security checkpoint the biggest characteristic is that can automatically identify suspicious liquid and explosives, and through different color to remind the subject, 'the green icon on the screen, without suspicious; Orange icon that bag can't identify items, need to check the bag is opened; Red with has found contraband. 'Staff made demonstration site: a backpack to mount a bottle of mineral water, through the security checkpoint, the main screen is green icon; But when the bag filled with a bottle of water and a bottle of gasoline at the same time, the display into the red. At the same time, the small screen detect suspicious substance was suspected of warnings, and lists what could be suspicious substance. According to introducing, through early entry liquid molecular data, this new type of liquid intelligent identification alarm X-ray screening instrument can automatically detect the gasoline, alcohol, diesel, ethanol, banana oil, etc. It is prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive liquid into the subway, 'machine recognition accuracy can reach to % %'. Not only high accuracy, security efficiency is also improved. Sun Shengyu said, if by artificial recognition, open packet inspection, slow seconds to check one more person, and through the new security device, time can be shortened to seconds. The new security apparatus has this (date) (month) (year) in pilot and is still in the testing phase, in addition to xujiahui station equipped with the machine, day Tong road station and Shanghai stadium station also became the instrument of the installation. Shanghai establishs a security checkpoints in addition to the new security device, rail traffic police authorities also plans to pilot use in early a new hassles can automatically collect id card information, to strengthen the knowledge of suspicious people suspected. Ever need through the PDA ( PDA) Verification identification, passengers carry id card through the security, security can be automatically collected identity information, once found pursuit, drugs such as personnel, warning automatically, easy to police for further treatment. As a security system is an important part of, Shanghai rail subway security have been respected. At present, Shanghai rail transit has set up a security checkpoints, equipped with more security guards and X-ray screening instrument equipment, in strict accordance with the 'big bag will check, packet sampling, every doubt will' and 'big bags will check, the large capacity liquid will check, all kinds of woven bags will, suspicious personnel will be' the principle of the whole security work.
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