Shanghai cable factory continuing losses have been to 1. The 4. 7 billion stripping

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Cable factory continuing losses have been to Shanghai. Stripping globledata P due to the continuing losses, month date, Shanghai electric group ( Hereinafter referred to as Shanghai electric) The announcement said to. The price of one hundred million yuan for transfer its cable factory co. , LTD. (Shanghai Hereinafter referred to as Shanghai cable factory) % equity, on workdays from the date of the announcement period for the announcement. It is understood that Shanghai cable factory foreign investment enterprises in Shanghai cane warehouse rubber and plastic cable co. , LTD. , % equity cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai nanyang cane storehouse % equity transfer along with the target company also. It marks the Shanghai electric start again to the operation of the integration of the assets. Financial data show that the annual Shanghai cable factory operating income. One hundred million yuan, net income of ten thousand yuan. And companies, the annual net income of ten thousand yuan and ten thousand yuan respectively. As of late, its total assets. A total of one hundred million yuan, the liabilities. One hundred million yuan, the owner's equity. One hundred million yuan. Clearly, the Shanghai cable factory in continuing losses, have let Shanghai electric 'unbearable', ready to give up. It is important to note that in addition to the required payment and set a ten thousand yuan deposit, Shanghai electric clarify the worker of employment requirements. Trade terms, according to the assignee must promise to accept Shanghai cable factory and Shanghai rattan warehouse rubber cable co. , LTD. , the existing all worker, the labor contracts signed with employees and ensure the initial period of not less than three years, the first year salary welfare not decline.
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