Shallow theory: wire and cable in the important role in the development of society

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Shallow theory: wire and cable in the important role in the development of society BSCRM P shallow theory: wire and cable in the important role in the development of society by mechanical industry publishing house published for the first time at the beginning of the wire and cable's handbook ( Volume 1) On international for the first time, the authors give wires to formulate a definition, namely: wire and cable is used to transmit power, information transmission and achieve a broad categories of electromagnetic energy conversion electrical products. 20 for many years, this definition has been widely accepted by the domestic peers and reference; Has also been a lot of peer recognition and use of the country. It sums up the wire and cable products, a wide range of services and profoundly reveals the important role of wire and cable in society, will be from a few aspects of the points mentioned below. In all economic activity and social life of the indispensable in modern society, wherever there is human life, all places that have requirements of production, transportation, and all economic activities, and in space, underground, Marine and so on all need to explore and develop all of the activities, as well as any in the development of the development of science and technology innovation project activities, cannot leave the electricity and the application of electromagnetic waves. And electrical and electromagnetic wave, transmission and application of wire and cable must be used to as a connection, transmission parts, or as a host of winding material. In fact, all industrial production, transportation, construction and facilities, modern agriculture and scientific research, military equipment or military installations, space, Marine exploration and social life, Including every family and People's Daily lives) Has a close relation with the wire and cable products. So in this industry has traditionally been used in power system of wire and cable as the body's blood vessels ( Family and power than in the office as 'microvascular') ; The electromagnetic wave information transfer with wire and cable ( Fiber optic cable) Compared to the body's nervous; Will be made into motor windings, instrument ( Coil) Using the electromagnetic wire than as an important part in the heart. To illustrate the wire and cable in all economic activity and social life of the indispensable. Timely meet the needs of various fields system or equipment upgrades, development and innovation of sex of the middle of the twentieth century, along with the science and technology leap development, in the form of mutation, innovative content from the depth to the breadth of human economic activity has occurred one after another of the terraced all-round development. At the same time, people's living standard and life quality rise ceaselessly, have encouraged as necessary or connection part of wire and cable varieties constantly updated development, consumption continues to grow. If not completed in time sex of development, will delay the main system or the development of the main equipment, have a big impact. Multiply requirements of electricity transmission voltage, for example, improved step by step, our country's power grid voltage has been increased from kV to kV, could further improve; Build high intelligent building, and so have for hundreds and thousands of electronic computer networking with computer network cable; Cable television network, the whole city and even the whole country to build urban public all bank automatic or, conducting online economic exchanges and communication, etc. , you must have a high rate, low loss and high reliability transmission with the broadband cable ( Or cable) Network; In order to ensure the reliability of the communication and data transmission and privacy, between countries from all continents, by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic ocean, such as the oceans between construction of several thousands of miles of optical fiber cable line; In order to realize the cannon on the military or high cannon group remote control program launch, there must be suitable for field environment control, signal, measuring cables; Of satellite electronic wire and cable must be high temperature resistant, resistant to space radiation, even the instrument to use microns in diameter subtle insulated wire; Aircraft or need to use high temperature furnace occasions ℃, ℃ grade of ultra high temperature measurement and control of heat-resistant wires; Medical use of X-ray machine, CT machine must have dc + / - kV level, plus or minus kV high-voltage soft cable; Cardiac up device must have can be inserted into the human body in the blood vessels, fine but harmless to the human body is special wire; The rapid development of modern agriculture factory, prompted the development of various special cable, such as soil heating cable, control cable temperature, etc. And as for all occasions and in need of fire prevention must have various levels of flame retardant ( Don't delay burning) Or fire-resistant wire and cable; There are all kinds of preventing damage - — Such as the rat, the termite, mouldproof, the bird peck of wire and cable; For public security, such as financial, hotel, safe residential district, and museums, to install automatic detection head and concentrated display of monitoring system, to install a dedicated radio frequency cable network, etc. , the list goes on. 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