Several bidding price terms that wire and cable bidders must understand in advance

by:AAA     2020-02-29
At present, wire and cable bidding is a common trading mode. There are detailed business and technical requirements in the invitation to bid. Bidders must respond to the details of these requirements one by one when making bids. In order to prevent the occurrence of scrap bid, bidders should understand the following bidding price terms in advance: blocking bid price, blocking bid price is the highest limit standard for the total project price by the tenderee, it is required that the bidder's bid price cannot exceed it, otherwise it will be rejected. Block price can be divided into express block price (Tell each bidder publicly in written form)And hint to block the price (Announced at bid opening). It is implied that the price of the price is the role of the base price. It must be the same as the base price. It must be kept confidential before the bid opening, otherwise it will be illegal. Express block Price plays the role of bidding control price, must be publicized according to regulations, otherwise it will be illegal. Control price, bidding control price is the highest project cost defined by the tenderee for the bidding project. Construction projects that implement bill of quantities bidding should prepare bidding control prices. The bidding control price is the highest price that the tenderee can accept the bidder's quotation when bidding for the project. It is the bottom line of the tenderee and cannot be broken through, otherwise the bid will be scrapped. The bidding control price shall be truthfully announced in the bidding documents and shall not rise or fall. If the bidder finds that the bidding control price is wrong after rechecking, it can complain to the bidding supervision agency or the cost management agency within 5 days before the bid opening. The bidding supervision agency and the cost management agency find that it is true, the tenderee shall be instructed to revise. The base price the base price is the most ideal price expected by the tenderee, but it can only be used as a reference for bid evaluation and cannot be used as a condition for rejecting bids. The base price is the top secret information of the bidding unit. It must be kept confidential before bid opening, but it should be announced at the time of bid opening. Under the condition that the tenderee does not set the block price or the bidding control price, the bidder can make necessary adjustments to the quotation on the basis of mastering the market dynamics and analyzing the competitors, in order to obtain ideal bidding results.
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