Self-sufficient traditional method of copper bar are affected by the challenge

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Self-sufficient traditional method of copper bar are the challenges the traditional BSCRM P self-sufficient copper rod method are the challenge on copper rod by the manufacturing equipment technology is developed in Finland Outokumpu company s, mainly for the production of oxygen free copper rod, and put into industrial production in years. Immediately after the equipment on the market, remains popular after the introduction of the equipment in our country in the world, after digestion and absorption, vigorously promote, mainly is suitable for wire and cable, small and medium enterprises to use. But now, the copper rod continuous casting and rolling equipment and process seems to have started to make a comeback, lead method are being challenged. Lead method on the production principle of the liquid metal is used in negative pressure to suction mould, and after a cooling in the crystallizer, and then enter the second cooler for cooling, casting rod leads into the take-up machine winding roll, and then continue to stretch processing. Method of continuous up-casting production Φ mm brass rod can directly reduce two plane and annealing processing working procedure, to achieve continuous feed, continuous traction, and products of good quality, high yield, comprehensive cost is reduced greatly. But, on the hardness of the copper rod is larger, without annealing, it is hard to continue to pull made 'double zero' specifications of copper wire. And make the copper rod continuous casting and rolling method, various performance indicators is always higher than lead method on copper rod, comprehensive performance is good, also can create Φ mm copper rod directly. On the method of technology of large area promotion, mainly solves the dosage of copper rod is the actual problem of small and medium-sized enterprises. , however, is the top method of equipment production capacity, unless the enterprise in two under tons of copper, otherwise, there is only one stage method of equipment is not enough. Expected to set the stage by more equipment, rather than on a continuous casting and rolling production line. At present, the copper rod or continuous casting and rolling production process and the technological means to coexist, but copper cable factory? ”; Self-sufficient 'traditional ways are being challenged, the reason is that the production scale is big, continuous casting and rolling process in the production of stable quality, copper rod drawing rejection rate is low, and more and more be taken seriously. And the top equipment to achieve much more intensive, to form the scale of production capacity. Due to the shortage of copper resources, the use of copper scrap processing copper rod is the trend of The Times, the copper scrap usage will be on the rise. Now, the domestic low oxygen copper rod continuous casting and rolling production line is fully capable of using copper smelting and processing of various performance indicators qualified electrician copper rod, suitable for a variety of utility. Across the country have a lot of cable companies are on continuous casting and rolling of copper rod production line. In addition, according to the cable companies experience, although casting. the equipment has its own unique advantages, however, in terms of production capacity, the stage induced method is justified a set of continuous casting and rolling production line, in power consumption, the method of equipment has no much advantage.
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