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by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Security cable sanewcable P the bibcock that the sea is the Yangtze river delta region, has become the most important domestic cable product research and development base, cable, form a complete set of product research and development, manufacturing capacity is the strongest in the country. At the same time, a group of private enterprises such as Shanghai love spectrum Wharton, day cheng cable group is also gradually developing. Due to the manufacturing costs have gone up in recent years, a batch of Shanghai local enterprises gradually outward migration, looking for more development opportunities. Meanwhile, cable in jiangsu yangzhou, ningbo and other places by the real estate and public broadcasting system, smart home, the development of security industry, and with the strong support of the local government gradually rise, occupy a larger market share, its branches all over the country, the northern half of the market is dominated by yangzhou area of cable manufacturer. China cable network. Mainly in shenzhen, the pearl river delta region, its large number of migrant workers, low labor costs, cable companies are also with local demand for security market, the developed earlier. Here brought together fast way, such as shenzhen road, akihabara, jinghang canal and other manufacturers, mainly in guangdong province and surrounding areas of the market, products in the domestic recognition and market coverage rate is higher. In addition, guangzhou, dongguan, huizhou and other places of the enterprise also relying on the advantage of the east coast, earlier in the cable industry development of enterprises. On the surface, a bullish momentum, security cable industry in China, in fact, there is a lot of problems. If you don't solve these problems, the production of enterprises will be difficult to break through. Cable as infrastructure products, product production and test mostly fixed equipment, technical content is not high. At present the country restrictions on personal open factory is not too big, cable producers only buying must production equipment, in the process of production in accordance with the provisions of the state. That led to the widespread existence of cable factory, domestic mill and even some manufacturers without registration, no relevant certificate of product testing and quality inspection report, the product basically sold in markets in a way that at a low price, there is no guarantee that the reliability of the product quality and performance. At the same time, because the prices of raw materials, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, the production of cable shortage meters, even using the regeneration of copper clad aluminum, copper material instead of oxygen free copper phenomenon abound. With the industry pointed out that the current cable industry competition, the products shortchanged one, cut corners phenomenon is widespread. In addition, the unit using the knowledge of cable products co. , LTD has brought negative impact on the development of industry. Some users of cable products value degree is not enough, I don't know how to identify, choose and buy, judge the quality of cable products, cause a lot of project in the 'big horse-drawn cart', which is before and after the end use of international brands, and as a transport tool selection of cable has some quality is not very good product, cause the system transmission performance cannot achieve the desired effect, at present this kind of phenomenon is particularly serious in China. At present, the various cable according to the using area, follow the standards also vary. Some cables in accordance with national standards for production, and some cable production, according to an industry standard, there is also a part of the cable is in accordance with the standards of enterprise custom production. At present domestic most cable products is according to its own enterprise standards for production. And according to the author, cable used in electric power industry, the execution of power cable of the electric power industry industry standards; Used in the communications industry, the executive communications industry standard about communication cable; In the radio, film and television industry, fire protection industry combining cable product performance and the application requirements of the industry, made the relevant industry standards. However, due to various objective conditions the limit, the security industry has not yet been formulated special cable products technical standards. In general, most enterprises mainly face pressure of competition from some informal market competition behaviors, as well as industry aspects such as the lack of standards for the time being. And manufacturers how to discipline yourself, in addition to national play a necessary administrative intervention measures, such as the raw materials ( Such as aluminium) Export restrictions and the deep processing of products, but also should improve the electric wire electric cable this high consumables industry admittance threshold, to suppress the disorder of low capacity to expand. More importantly, the enterprises should actively independent innovation, promote the application of new technology, new technology, new materials. For some normal operation of enterprises, in addition to guarantee the product quality and performance, they have to improve enterprise internal production and marketing strength in the first place. Some Suggestions: currently, companies should be more in the channel sales network, the business model, brand value, the enterprise capital operation 'software' aspects, such as strengthen competitive ability, this is the top priority.
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