Security cable introduced new rules!

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Security cable introduced new rules! W P today national electric wire electric cable profession new 'security cable standard approved by the Ministry of Public Security technical supervision committee, serial number and the name is: GA/T' security lines ', since the standard in the years to implement. Recently, the national security alarm system standardization technical committee ( Referred to as the SAC/TC) Released the news. The security cable is suitable for rated voltage up to and U/U/V ( Used for dc system, the system of the nominal voltage should be not greater than the rated voltage of the cable. Times) Intrusion alarm system, video monitoring system, access control system ( Including building intercom system, electronic patrol system, parking lot, Library) Safety management system, etc. ) , explosion-proof safety inspection system and combination or integration by the system of security and protection system used in the cable. The main contents involved in standard scope of application, security cable terms, definitions, classification, security cable and naming, technical requirements, related test methods, inspection rules, and other content. China security association expert committee expert li jianping said security cable is against the system 'blood vessels' and 'nerve', before the implementation of the standards, security cable industry standard is always in a vacuum. GA/T release of examination and approval and implementation of security cable, realizes the industry standardization and a breakthrough, fill a void of security industry standard system. The standard, from start pre-study, apply for an approval to release for more than three years, China's security product industry association during collaborative SAC/TC have done a lot of research and organization work, makes a contribution to the development of the industry in order at the same time, along with the standard established Chinese security cable union ( Intelligence transport union) Promulgation and the implementation of standard also play a great role in promoting. The implementation of the standard for security cable industry in China and the masses of users, has the very outstanding significance. As China's security cable standards promulgated and execution, in government, industry, enterprise and the joint efforts of the broad masses of users, the inferior cable products occupy a certain market share, security cable not security situation will be fundamental change. Backward technology impact on the security cable industry, compression of excess capacity, the security cable enterprise innovation and enterprise application security engineering innovation play a guiding role. Chongqing wire and cable manufacturers the Qin Li power cable manufacturing co. , LTD. HTTP / / WWW. cqqldx。 com
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