Scientists think about family set up by using the clean energy distributed generation power grid

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Scientists think about family set up by using the clean energy distributed generation grid sjhok P use does not affect the environment of the clean energy such as wind power and solar energy, establish a 'family' micro power grid, the family life are no longer dependent on large power company concentrated power supply; When the city electricity, people who have such micro grid can still as usual. 8 in hefei 'international symposium on power electronic technology in distributed power generation system', the Chinese and foreign scientists think about one of the distributed power generation technology brings the tantalizing prospect. In China to build the trial platform of distributed generation of hefei university of technology professor ding Ming first explained, is 'distributed generation' and 'centralized power supply' relative concept. The latter would be built in large power plant energy base, the use of high voltage transmission line transmission to the user, is currently the main source of electricity; And 'distributed generation' is the use of environmental protection, renewable energy, spread the power, the flexibility to build in residential areas, buildings, and even in households. Experts said the 'centralized power supply' need to build a long 'transmission corridor', occupation of land resources, in the process of transmission and the energy loss in the %, security problem is also very prominent. 'Distributed generation' of the transformation, by contrast, is a clean energy such as wind power and solar energy, as long as there is can apply energy storage and power generation equipment, clean and neat. Especially in remote areas, the meaning of the 'distributed generation' is more important, can let every family 'home power their family'. At present, the 'distributed generation' all over the country have begun the application, street light, road in hefei many residential quarters footlights have been using the 'distributed generation of electricity. But due to the one-time investment is very big, such as use of solar energy battery for per kilowatt, need cost ten thousand yuan, so 'distributed generation' has not yet entered the ordinary people. Experts also pointed out that the distributed power generation technology is used to establish the micro mesh generation can not only provide users with the load in peak load period, can also according to the need to the grid 'sending', reduce user electricity expenses. ( Source: xinhua)
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