Saudi oil attack: international oil prices rose fiber raw materials will be affected

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Attack on Saudi oil fields: international oil prices rose fiber raw materials will be affected P Saudi cloth geiger factory and rice fields, hu was attacked and fires, oil production in the shut down half of the country, this will affect the daily close of barrels of crude oil production, about the % of the global crude oil output. Relevant personage analysis, Saudi oil attack or to international oil prices jumped more than %, $a barrel or will surge in the international market oil prices. As a result, from the whole petroleum and chemical industry chain analysis, from the upstream naphtha, to the middle reaches of various intermediates, as well as the downstream synthetic resin, synthetic fiber and synthetic rubber products such as rising also usher in a new situation. Look the whole sceneries, closely integrated with optical fiber cable industrial chain materials industry product price or unavoidable. Which is related to optical fiber cable industry have the cable need fill ointment, PBT material, sheath material, flame retardant materials, and other key products, optical fiber cable industrial chain of raw materials or is directly affected. Ointment, sheath material such as prices or rise in the short term trend. If rising prices of raw materials, the optical fiber cable manufacturer will have to face the pressure of the rising costs. Especially in the present cable prices under the market environment of the downturn, the international oil prices rise, the optical fiber cable industrial chain upstream of the material on the industry enterprise management, further, it will deal with the new cost, price and profit considerations. Data show that, in our country can produce ten thousand tons of crude oil increased. %; Imported crude oil ten thousand tons, year-on-year growth. %。 China's dependence on imported oil is high, material industry and other industry is the possibility that international oil price shock is rising. It is worth noting that the recovery of Saudi oil production may need to be 'several weeks', that means its influence or will extend to a more serious situation. International oil prices could not get a fundamental change in the short term, the trend of raw materials or will face greater pressure.
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