Said cable thief steal cheat his wife late at night and night shift crime spree since more than 20

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Cable thief steal cheat in the middle of the night the wife say night crime spree several east chu lu P daye He Mou aged man, working in site. He often sneak out of the house in the middle of the night, cheat family claims to site to work overtime, alone into the enterprise and construction site, near the special cable theft sold. In recent months, more than crime spree, involving a value of nearly ten thousand yuan. June 21, daye police XiangDongChu evening news revealed the case. Is really large, daring thief hand twice into a company (date) (month) (year) early in the morning, daye Luo Qiao industrial park of a steel structure enterprise workers came to the workshop, found in the workshop of electric welding machine went 'strike', a look, again found machine electric welding machine cables were cut, all cable disappeared. After the enterprise alarm Luo Qiao the policemen quickly rushed to the scene investigation. They found that someone for traces of climbing the walls of enterprise, in more than ten meters from the vegetable field, also found a string of footprints. In the police investigation tightly, June 21, the enterprise again stolen, the total of welding cable theft, the door padlock is being cut. This time, the surveillance captured men. Recently, various enterprises in the industrial park and the site of cable theft. Each other even of tower crane at the construction site, climbed as much as twenty or thirty meters of tower crane, tower crane cable stole. A construction site for tower crane could not 'move', led to the shutdown. For a cable theft, police found 'methods are similar, is likely to be made by men for the same. Daye county public security bureau police brigade and Luo Qiao station set up the special joint investigation team quickly. After investigation and examination, civilian police He Mou quickly locked the suspect. June 21, daye county police after waiting for two days, will go home He Mou captured. Outwit family, theft income for personal beer and skittles He Mou years old this year, is the daye people, big forest community in daye development zone. This is not the first time that his crime. Years, cable for burglary committed theft by the district court sentenced to years, lu years released. After prison, He Mou by odd jobs, and in the daye a construction site to find a job. According to He Mou metasomatism, because work too tired, can't make any money. In years, he started again. He goes to work on construction sites during the day, generally choose out crime after o 'clock in the evening, before going out, he also told his family make up a 'splendid' reasons, said site to night shift. He Mou a little ones, there is a old daughter and a son, his wife didn't work, and people with chronic disease. After he got out of jail, he is strict with him on his family, many times to persuade him, hope he don't walk crooked road, turn over a new leaf on the surface he promised very well. The illicit money after he sold cable, most for personal beer and skittles. After being caught, his wife is very surprised, thought that her husband often go to the night shift, I didn't think he is go to theft. He Mou designed to steal cable, every time of theft, he was at home nearby choose the target enterprise and construction site, some stolen enterprises, but hundred metres from his home. More bemused is, when he commit crime recklessly, sometimes too back cable is too heavy, would cable skinning directly in situ, pulled out after the copper wire in carry the snakeskin bag, and then get a junkyard to multiple sell per kilogram, obtain money RMB to dollars at a time. And by his sale of equipment cable, most valuable. Man He Mou has been detained by the police. And a long-term acquisition He Mou cable scrap boss spare one and Xiong Mou on suspicion of disguise and hide crime have sinned, and was caught by the police.
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