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RVV with BVV sheath line what is the difference between them?

by:AAA     2020-05-23
RVV cable full name light cable wire PVC insulation PVC convenient set of flexible cable, nickname light polyethylene convenient set of copper wire, alias soft sheath line, this is sheathed wire. R: means that the meaning of the structure of copper wire, soft V: polyethylene insulation, V: polyethylene convenient set of BVV full copper wire cable PE insulation layer PE convenient set of circular sheathed wire, nickname light polyethylene convenient set of cables, alias hard sheath line, this is sheathed wire. A, tectonic difference BVV line is within a single large cross section of copper core wire, RVV internal to a single small cross section of copper core wire. Such as whole is 2 * 1. Convenient set of 5, BVV for core is a single T2 copper wire, BVV has 2 for core, for each core cross section is 1. 5, and for each core is 1 root diameter of 1. 38 T2 copper wire. Core is composed of many small strips for RVV RVV2 for core, for each core cross section is 1. 5, but for each core is 30 root diameter of 0. 25 mm of T2 copper wire. So the BVV is harder than RVV. Second, the main use difference RVV used in household appliances, instrumentation and electronic products and automatic generation of equipment in the power plug, control line and data signal transmission line, the actual available with anti-theft alarm system, building intercom system, equipment, control, monitor, monitor the dashboard installation, etc. BVV hard sheath line used 450/750 v alternating current and the following power systems and telecommunications equipment, household appliances, instrument panel wire and cable, wires together to still dark. The company mainly produces 'one line' brand electric cables; Crosslinking cable; Overhead insulated cable; Flame retardant cable and PVC insulated cable wire and other series of dozens of varieties, can also according to the international standard and the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, and other countries to manufacture all kinds of cable wire product standards.
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