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Rural power grid upgrading market demand gradually increase

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Rural power grid upgrading market demand gradually increase sanewcable P at present, China's energy efficiency is an American /, / is Japan. Experience from the past, only by the total amount control is difficult to meet the economic development and the reality of the contradiction between energy consumption, and technological progress, or will be an effective way to solve this problem. It is estimated that the whole distribution network basic % of the entire network loss, loss is the main part of the loss of the power grid. Including the loss of distribution transformer can be more than % of the total loss of power grid, about % of capacity, with high efficiency and energy saving transformer has become another major energy conservation and emissions reduction measures of power grid. Peng Yongfeng said, incredible electric field for years to focus on amorphous transformer development, become the domestic production of the largest and the most advanced technology level, product specifications and series of the most abundant production enterprise. Electric in confidence about % share of the market for amorphous alloy transformer, amorphous alloy transformer tap is pure, so incredible electric are typical targets of energy-saving equipment. Learned, amorphous alloy transformer, no-load loss is lower than ordinary transformer silicon steel %, if using amorphous alloy transformer to replace the existing S type transformer, save billions of kilowatt hours a year, saving electricity is equivalent to nearly half of the three gorges power station of power. Along with the national policy of energy saving and consumption reducing gradually thorough popular feeling, amorphous alloy transformer the characteristics of the green, energy-saving, environmental protection products has gradually attention by country, power sector at all levels, national and local power grid company for the use of amorphous alloy transformer on the understanding of the environmental protection and energy saving products tend to be unified, and is stepping up efforts in the promotion of amorphous alloy transformer, so around the market demand began to increase gradually. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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