Review the year of the tiger hardware mechanical and electrical industry six hot news

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Review the year of the tiger hardware mechanical and electrical industry hot news sanewcable P a six to year-end, inventory, summarized as individuals, businesses and industry one of the most important thing. Personal to summarize work achievements over the past year, enterprises take inventory sales during the year, businesses to various influence factors of the day. Caused by this trend, 'in the news', 'years popular events' as baidu search words, the Internet industry events, domestic hot news selection, etc. With the Internet of the fringes. Watching the news, I ask myself: hardware mechanical and electrical industry in the year of the tiger let a person remember what big events are associated with development of industry relations? One, anti-dumping, export road encounter dangers and difficulties of the financial crisis has prompted global trade protectionism, European and American anti-dumping unprecedented efforts, to the Chinese hardware export enterprises have sprung up in huge losses and influence of ten anti-dumping countervailing cases. Today, the shadow of the financial crisis gradually retreat, but in Europe and the weakening trend of anti-dumping in China's hardware industry is not so obvious. Years, only the United States to stir up the hardware trade anti-dumping countervailing major cases in China has more than a dozen. Second, sing low carbon expo, hardware industry, low carbon right now, low-carbon economy has received worldwide recognition, green economy has become a new economic development model. Energy-intensive enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction policies under the guidance of the 'eleventh five year plan', to comprehend the essence of 'low carbon economy'. And with the world expo in Shanghai world expo concept of low carbon, environmental protection is popular at the time of low carbon consumption trend of the green economy and on the hardware market put forward the new demand of energy conservation and environmental protection. Should this hardware companies also launched a new round of industrial upgrading, to vigorously develop the green economy. Three, hardware industry listed with experience in the Chinese New Year to complete bull bear market cycle, the development of capital market in recent years in China reached a height, the 'market' swept across the country. Hardware enterprise enthusiasm, frequently appear on the market, especially since the beginning of this years, the listed keywords hardware enterprise development directly. The years, there is a hardware companies are listed. Hardware industry both in jiangsu avatar, zhongyu sanitary valve, star science and technology, country shuanglin listed such as cars, become industry leaders, otherwise wazhou, luoyang, mashiji is well-known hardware companies are preparing capital, seek listing, deepening the capital market. Fourth, China international hardware show bright course at the end of the closing of the China international hardware show, hardware and people from all over the world to share the exhibition business opportunities. Unlike previous years, the China international hardware show sparkling highlights. Not only at the scene of the big buyers purchase, more in E and E two pavilions set up out of the hardware product displays and hutch defends product exhibits. Separate opens up a new exhibit attracted the attention of many audience and exhibitors, and as China's hardware industry is one of the most professional hardware exhibition, China international hardware show has long been seen as an indicator of industry development. Throughout the show of hardware product, the characteristic, creative, also represents the new tendency of the development of the hardware. Five new drivers, high-speed hardware industry in rapid development of China railway in spring, after years of train across the board after the operation, in our country is big step into the era of high-speed rail. At present, China has put into operation of high-speed railway mileage to achieve km, the world in the first place. High-speed rail construction brought about by the concept of 'high iron' as the market began a new round of investment boom. The expert points out, high iron widely involves the interests of the subject, many related industries will benefit from it, and sheet metal industry mechanical and electrical industry involves the engineering machinery, steel, building materials, electronic equipment, etc. Six, 'twelfth five-year' bring opportunities for hardware mechanical and electrical industry on the works of the fifth plenary session of the 17th communist party congress to discuss recommendations, China hardware association on the complete status of the industry '11th five-year plan', 'twelfth five-year' planning to hardware industry and combined with the demands of the development of the state industrial policy and industry characteristics, pointed out the main direction of China's hardware industry planning and promotion. In the future, the hardware will be fully plastic industry, change the extensive economic growth mode, comprehensive upgrade, every development, improve product technology content, step by step towards a higher. Although generally difficult start, but if the benefits of national policy, 'twelfth five-year' will become an industry development opportunity, realize hardware industry rapid ascension. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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