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] Recent researches wire and cable industry goals

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] ] Recent researches target AAAA P wire and cable industry. Low energy wire has been successfully carried out on China's aluminum conductor with rare earth optimization research work, to the conductivity of the aluminum % IACS, such as conductivity to % IACS, will lead to further reduce the loss, social and economic benefit is remarkable. 。 KV super-large cross overhead lines to study the three gorges power transmission lines will have more than 10 times across the river and the Yangtze river, the maximum span distance to m, the product research and success for the future selection of large span wire will offer a new line. 。 New type of electrified railway catenary yarn and hanging accessories research '15', will develop the high speed railway in our country, the catenary wire must be high strength, good abrasion resistance, high temperature mechanical properties, conductive performance is good, need to use copper or copper clad steel contact wire. This part is the present domestic blank, for the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway construction, in the future should be quick to carry out the speed of a new type of electrified railway catenary yarn km/h and hanging accessories research. 。 Rated r K class nuclear power station with cable research century before is building more nuclear power plants, nuclear parts with cable in our country has not yet been localization, in order to meet the needs of the nuclear power plant construction in our country, should be carried out the research work. Due to limited demand for such products, hope that a few enterprises having conditions of strengths, to develop such products. 。 High temperature organic materials research high temperature control temperature electrical PVC cable pipelines are widely used in the oil industry and other food, chemical industry, although our country has carried out research work, the long-term performance and uniformity of still not ideal, still the foreign products to occupy the market, to meet the needs of various industries of national economy, the research work should be undertaken to this material, focus on long-term performance and uniformity. 。 Described. properties net insulation and ultra smooth high voltage crosslinked cable shielding material research increasingly used in domestic, and these two materials must be imported, in order to promote the application of high voltage crosslinked cable, localization is the top priority of the two kinds of materials. 。 Described. properties KV cable adapter kit study the application of domestic high voltage crosslinked cable is one of the reasons why the attachment does not form a complete set, can't complete supply. And KVKV high voltage crosslinked cable in the future are very big, perfect the complete set of accessories product development, make the high voltage crosslinked cable greatly improve domestic matching rate is vital, therefore completed KV development research of complete set of accessories. 。 KV high voltage crosslinked cable and accessories research during the period of '15' KV high voltage crosslinked cable are confined to the hydropower station pinout, quantity is less, so should be carried out during the tenth five-year KV high voltage crosslinked cable and accessories the basis of theoretical research, developed KV high voltage crosslinked cable, outdoor terminal and CIS end products, during the period of '11th five-year plan' for industrial application to lay the foundation of the product. Research is focused on design parameters, technical requirements, test design with precast production process technology, accessories. Hope has the production conditions of the enterprise should not only meet the prototyping, more should strengthen technology, materials, test, product design, such as basic research, to ensure product quality stability. 。 This cable reliability research work in the first place in the high voltage crosslinked cable and main electrical equipment with wire. Was recommended by a clearance joint venture enterprise, request, by enterprises and research institutes for exploratory research together with the universities and colleges. 。 Research at present domestic most fiber manufacturing optical fiber preform is buy to against nearly preform, optical fiber quality is obviously improved, but at present, the annual production capacity of optical fiber preform are still a certain gap, for the development of optical fiber technology in our country, must carry out the work. The main research on G fiber. 。 Frequency conversion motor with frequency conversion motor enameled wire research at home and abroad in recent years high speed development, frequency control of motor speed is one of the top ten hi-tech key popularized in our country. But IGBT power frequency conversion motor so it's easy to turn to turn short circuit, or even months set is insulation is damaged, so the enameled wire used in the next period, and the requirement to conventional enameled wire enameled wire is different, the advanced industrial countries are in the winding line research work, the development of this new type of winding line is the top priority.
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