Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine supervision over and inspection of 21 classes such as wire and cable products

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of wire and cable products such as supervision and inspection of xianlan P quality supervision, inspection and quarantine recently issued a notice, will coordinate with the many departments to grid equipment material quality supervision action, involving such as wire and cable products. Power grid equipment materials is urban distribution network, rural power grids, the foundation of the national power grid construction projects such as the product quality is directly connected with the security and stability of power grid system, directly affects the social economy healthy and rapid development of our country. For good material product quality supervision and operation of power equipment, and quality supervision, inspection and quarantine product decisions, in conjunction with the China quality management association, the state grid corporation of hydraulic and electric engineering, materials department, China southern power grid company supplies department held in Beijing February 2nd grid equipment materials of quality supervision, a kick-off meeting for action, launch and deployment of related work. The quality supervision action to transformer, switch, capacitor, lightning arrester, arc suppression coil, box-type substation, wire and cable, tower, such as hardware, insulator type grid equipment commonly used material products as the key point, random state grid corporation and China southern power grid company in recent years, as well as for the winning bid enterprise product inspection report issued by the inspection institutions, when conducting field inspections, hebei, jiangsu, anhui, guangdong, liaoning, zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces. Administration made it clear that for the false report issued by the inspection institutions and enterprises, dealt with by the local department of quality control according to relevant laws and regulations. For management is not standard, the actual product technical parameters, which have much difference with users commitment to the society and enterprises, the state grid, southern power grid company for reference, in the process of bidding for advice to suspend an'd the circumstances are serious, and according to publish to the society; Local dynamic adjustment quality credit and quality supervision department product quality classification regulation level. Cable mall ( www。 xianlan。 com) Is a collection research and development production and sales of wire and cable type direct online procurement platform
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