Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of illegal zero tolerance cable companies must grip the tail

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of illegal zero tolerance cable companies must clamp tail globledata P in the near future, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine MeiKeBao, deputy director of the People's Daily published stories: illegal 'zero tolerance' for quality, the alarm information to the cable companies. In recent years, governments at all levels have also been trying to solve the quality problems, such as strengthen self-discipline of the enterprises, government departments to accelerate the backward production capacity. National regulation can't please everyone, however, self-discipline is not fully play a role, how to establish effective social supervision mechanism? The experience of developed countries shows that effective market regulation system are becoming more and more in the government supervision, self-discipline combined with citizen oversight. At the same time should strengthen the social regulation of incentive mechanism and the system of punitive damages to the supplementary role of regulation system. The United States, France, South Korea and other special legislation for the production and sale of counterfeit goods behavior, both fine and sentence, such as the United States supreme can be fined $, imprisonment for years. If penalties in China increased a little, a bit stricter regulation, no one dare to touch the bottom line quality easily. As a government, there should be a hammer is always hanging in the enterprise, make enterprise can't obtain and build cable industry a healthy ecological environment. Our government departments should strengthen the quality of illegal administrative punishment law and the, really hit the illegal enterprise long-term interests, make quality illegal enterprises without a path, the enterprises should forced to repeatedly violate the market. Through institutional arrangement of illegal and publish to the society quality problem product related information, plays a penalty function, let the market selection produce deterrent, no market for illegal enterprises. To affect the quality of the product design, material, manufacture, testing, installation, use and so on various fields, each link and each department synchronization to carry out quality control activities, creating the atmosphere of the whole society attaches great importance to the quality of the good. The quality, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued by the 'zero tolerance' illegal behavior, set up quality 'blacklist' system, the implementation of the most severe punishment, the most severe of accountability, do no privileges before the law, illegal punishment without exception, it will give alarm cable, effective standard cable market, improve product quality. Speed has a ceiling, quality has no end. Under the new normal, must firmly grasp the fundamental quality of ascension, correctly handle the relationship between speed and quality, to quality improvement 'hedge' slow speed, the era of economic development to the quality benefits. Young national cable industry sustainable development in our country needs from the industry, from the government at all levels, the user and the positive energy of the whole society to caress, to mutual supervision and checks and balances, so as to enhance the level of cable manufacturing and push the made in China to created in China, Chinese speed toward the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand.
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