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Pv inverter market is fast growing in China

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Pv inverter market in China is growing fast tianjin P after has experienced great growth last year, this year has been a steady rise in global pv inverter market will continue to. Market Research firm Taiyou Research, according to a report issued by the China market for rapid growth, photovoltaic accumulative total installed capacity will soon reach the GW. India and other countries in the asia-pacific region in order to achieve the purpose of the renewable energy, the government gives a clear roadmap, renewable energy development in these regions have long-term growth potential. The global solar power market depends largely on government incentives and market stimulus, such as the American recovery and reinvestment act ( ARRA) 'For the photovoltaic industry to create sustainable jobs. Countries such as America, Germany, China, South Korea and France put forward a variety of incentives to encourage domestic companies continue to increase investment in renewable energy. The stimulus package has the goal of attracting investment and jobs. In most countries around the world, climate change and environmental issues will continue to be a primary factor in determining that person's energy policy. The global financial crisis as governments a chance to change the current energy structure. Currently, pv inverter market is still in the seller's market, so the price pressure is not as high as solar cells and photovoltaic modules. Science and technology progress, however, also make the inverter price decline. Considerable progress in production process simplified, by improving the production efficiency and reduce power electronic components to reduce the cost. Component prices and fluctuations in the gap of supply and demand is the main pressure of price fluctuations, so in the foreseeable period of photovoltaic inverter under pressure are expected to be moderate, but also will encourage competition prices decline. Need to build a solar photovoltaic power station in the country, the government financial support and capital subsidy program to offset a certain percentage of the cost of investment, such as Spain, Germany, Italy, India and the United States have introduced all kinds of subsidies and incentives to compensate for high initial capital investment for the development of solar energy. Fiscal stimulus provided by the government, such as a feed-in tariff, will continue to be a key factor in the development of photovoltaic inverter driven market. A feed-in tariff is the European countries the main incentive mechanism, improve the grid photovoltaic installations and the grid photovoltaic installation also stimulates the demand of photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter. Such as Germany, the United States and Italy feed-in tariff will greatly promote the pv inverter market. The Czech republic, Canada, France and the UK pv market warms up quickly, in large part to benefit from the powerful execution of these countries a feed-in tariff.
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