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Prysmian ftse index of social responsibility

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Prysmian DLMMB P has selected the ftse social responsibility index, a global leader in energy and telecommunications cable and systems industry prysmian group selected the ftse group ( 富时集团) One of the prestigious world index, namely the ftse index (social responsibility FTSEGood) 。 For the ftse index series of social responsibility of the company must meet strict social, ethical and environmental standards. The ftse index of social responsibility through continuous considerations lead to the company's performance to promote responsible investment. In response to investors looking for proper execution target enterprise, the performance indicators of social and management standard of increasing attention, issued by the ftse group in the ftse index of social responsibility. Therefore, on the one hand, the ftse social responsibility index can be used as a way of supporting socially responsible investing. On the other hand, it aims to provide specific guidance for major global investors. Prysmian conform to the most strict requirements, and more than the ftse group, set the standard of 'good practice'. In particular, prysmian obtained for enterprise employees high standard security index of independent experts spoke highly of. Thanks to prysmian based on the most effective international standard a diversity and inclusion policy, as well as in highly diversified cultural environment on the implementation of different talent management solution. Prysmian another prominent advantage is committed to the whole supply chain, thanks to the company in the supply chain transmission and ensure that the practice of corporate responsibility for a business code of conduct.
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