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Professional testing organization review opinions about the 'REACH' laws and regulations

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Professional testing institutions to 'REACH' regulatory review opinions held szpony P based on (date) (month) (year) led by general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the eu 'REACH' regulatory review work prepare meeting spirit, some industry well-known testing agencies also in nearly a month time for more extensive research and investigation work and organize the light craft products involved in the regulation of relevant enterprises discussion meetings. Inspection agencies, which are held seminar PONY spectrum detection group, with its senior qualification and a high degree of international credibility, has produced great influence in the field of Reach testing. Workshop, PONY spectrum testing group to many enterprises not only convey the main spirit of the meeting, also highlights the 'REACH' eu laws and regulations of China's light industrial technology related products in the field of production and export potential and huge impact, and evaluate the regulations for my product production, processing, research and development and export, inspection of the possible impact of the necessity and importance. Enterprise representatives also feedback the related information as follows: one, the enterprise is generally believed that due to the REACH regulation specified in the higher registration fee and information costs, this will undoubtedly increase the cost of production of enterprises, reduce the price of export products competitive advantage, will to a certain extent, prevent the export of light industrial products. More than two, due to the REACH regulation will replace the current instructions and regulations, and this is different from previous regulations revision, supplement, is a set of new system, these new instructions and regulations must be new requirements in terms of market access. Reaction of enterprises more intense, so massive changes in the regulatory system, to the already familiar with the current laws and regulations, and organize production according to the current regulations, export of various enterprises, is undoubtedly a huge trade barriers. According to these opinions, PONY spectrum detection group experts advise: in the seminar, PONY spectrum, the test group of experts also found that enterprise 'REACH' regulations on the recognization of the danger of potential deficiencies. Almost all the enterprises do not know to be drawn up before the REACH regulation, the more impossible the regulation may bring harm; Enterprise hard to understand thoroughly of the REACH regulation, to enterprise may face unfair treatment is also difficult to estimate overall. So, PONY spectrum detection group experts advise the government and the chamber of commerce in the future work to increase the propaganda of the REACH regulation and breadth, at the same time the enterprise itself also to attend seminars and consulting related testing institutions, faster to REACH may bring to the Chinese enterprise in the implementation of problem, and respond in a timely manner. PONY spectrum in the test group are also provides the social from all walks of life with its hotline telephone number:, hoping to help enterprises.
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