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Prevention of seasonal safety risk of wuhan railway rectification of wire and cable equipment

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Prevention of seasonal safety risk of wuhan railway rectification of shandong qdyldl P professional wire and cable wire and cable equipment, a reference to choose Qingdao cable HTTP / / WWW. qdyldl。 Com/enter since march, the complex and changeable weather, seasonal security risk. To steadily improve the quality of signal equipment, ensure the security of the cable in a steady, wuhan railway bureau wuhan signal depot QiChun workshop to carry out the specific requirements to deploy, the tube to conduct special cable equipment activities. The workshop focused on technical force in pipe cable to conduct a comprehensive baseline screening. Earnest organization find bad cable, to strengthen inspection supervision and management of the key areas, key problem. Effectively increase by checking frequency, combined with good regular inspection and check methods of before the thunderstorm weather. Attaches great importance to the daily patrol, monthly net increase inspections outside cable diameter road. Strengthening reinforcement renovation, according to the unified standard printed logo, standardize management of the cable signs, warning signs, etc. Encryption key sections of propaganda, adopt flexible measures came into the door, set up horizontal fence. Improved security risk points, screening equipment, the launch of a key sections to improve daily protection ability, comprehensive eliminating cable leakage phenomenon. Optimizing station cable rectification measures, clear time node, for all on-site cable screening regulation, leave no dead Angle. In order to strengthen the management of emergency rescue equipment and emergency personnel, ensure that emergency rapid processing. For rectification of the time and schedule, reasonable arrangement of the workshop skylight, carefully organize work submission and implementation of the plan. Strictly implement point outside cadres shift system, full implementation of the personal safety protective measures, to ensure personal safety. To implement the responsibility and control quality is not high enough, to take resolute measures, ensure the regulation in place. In addition, the workshop is to establish cable regulation WeChat group, for regular patrol, problem management, cadres classes, activities such as real-time control.
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