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Prefabricated branch cable and bus duct in application

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Prefabricated branch cable and bus duct contrast sanewcable P use plug type bus duct has the following advantages: convenient, bus duct points: the so-called plug type bus duct, is the way it used splice points from the main power feeder, so the tap is very convenient. Its disadvantage is to plant prefabricated branch cable custom; The branch connection using open type 'C' embrace hoop, and a long period of time can ensure tight force? With each branch head is expensive, so the prefabricated branch cable so far application is still not widely. Any floor need to cut off the power supply, bus duct without electricity, as long as in the case of no-load, get off the bus duct plug box. But to cut off the branch of prefabricated branch cable power supply, in the case of charged operation is very dangerous. , bus duct overload ability: bus duct overload capacity is strong, depends on its use of high temperature insulation work, bus duct with insulation over the working temperature for ℃ materials, has developed the working temperature for ℃ above the radiation crosslinking of flame retardant winding belt ( PER) Hydrocarbon and radiation crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable tube. And cable insulation materials often used in the phase of the working temperature is commonly ℃ and ℃, so the overload capacity is much larger than the bus duct cable. Fire, bus duct can prevent overload: (date) (month) (year), troubled austan jinnuo TV tower in Moscow, Russia - — The second, Europe's tallest building lit fires in the world. The reason is cable overload; Three baosteel converter production, as well as cable fire cause. Ordinary cable insulation layer and the skin will burn, flame retardant cable under the fire will burn, not only in the flame left burning, fire-resistant cable won't burn, but the price is expensive, only the power of the fire control, etc are not allowed to be a power outage in refractory cables. Busway shell is steel, not burning, burning, even if the copper platoon insulation material outside the flame will not running to the bus duct. , bus duct, the cooling performance is good, the insulation of the cable, Conductor insulation and insulated) Are both insulation and heat insulation material, so the power cable, within the bridge maximum permissible layer, its reason, considering the heat dissipation. Bus duct using air conduction heat dissipation, and through close contact with the steel shell, take the heat out, so its thermal performance compared to cable, cable thermal performance can be seen. , bus duct maintenance convenient: bus duct almost don't have to maintenance, routine maintenance is usually measured the rise of temperature of the shell and wear core bolt, joint into the box the temperature rise, wear core bolt if used. Class, you will need to periodically fastening, if used. Level of high strength bolts are not strong on a regular basis. www。 sanewcable。 com
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