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Power experts said: the development of new energy industry electric power industry

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Power experts said: the development of new energy industry carry substantial sanewcable P 'twelfth five-year' plan of the electric power industry, the market most of the spotlight in the new energy industry. Energy and electricity in north China electric power university, director of the center for economic research, said professor prompts Ming zeng electric power industry in the development of new energy industry, play the role of mainstay. The definition of modern energy industry system, professor Zeng Ming gives a clear explanation. Zeng Ming: the so-called modern energy industry system, under the condition of the information era of knowledge economy, etc, of all kinds of energy industry and related industry system, called 'modern energy industry system', which is based on advanced technology, management mechanism, supporting policies, and so on security elements to coordinate the operation of the system; Is a structure optimization, advanced technology, low carbon environmental protection, safe and reliable, inclusive growth and other characteristics of an organic system. The construction goal is to realize the scientific transformation of China's energy industry and high-end low-carbon development, realize the regional level, industry chain, the main body of the optimal benefits, promote the development of the optimization of our country's modern industrial system, enhance the international competition strength of our country's energy industry. For investors are more concerned about the power industry during the twelfth five-year development status, as well as the supporting role of electric power industry in the new energy industry. Ming zeng is said so. Zeng Ming: for a long time, the electric power industry is always in the energy industry chain of middle reaches, it is both a large energy production, energy consumption is large, with the economic development and social progress, the position of power in the energy industry system will continue to highlight. The more modern energy industry system, the location of the electric power in the highlights. Electric power industry in the future especially value conduction of resources integration, and found that the price signal, is also a key link. The first is the function of the multidimensional resource integration platform. At present, the whole electric power industry towards large-scale cleaning power, high efficiency over a long distance transmission, intelligent energy-saving management direction, this kind of 'diversified resources development and utilization, The smart grid scheduling transmission - Low-carbon electricity intensive interaction 'mode of industry chain, will lead the transformation of the clean energy industry in China and structure upgrade. The second is the product, technology, service, management system integration platform. In electric power industry, energy industry in China is gradually form the optimization of products, technologies and services integration, this will create more new business and new industry further optimized energy industry system the size of the economy. The third platform called bilateral multiple interactive platform of supply and demand. As the intermediate links, the electric power industry to contact the head end and the end of the energy resources, using modern communication technology, modern management means and so on service, better able to realize the optimization of energy resources deployment
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