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Power cable should be paid attention to in the construction of those problems?

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Power cable should be paid attention to in the construction of those problems? Penghoukui P power cable should be paid attention to in the construction of those problems? Anhui ocean instrument cable co. , LTD. Offers computer cable control cable high temperature resistant cable is special cable compensation conductor cable quotation of cable laying method of laying cable directly buried installation with and wear pipe laying, shallow trough, cable conduit installation, laying cable several methods, such as tunnel, overhead laying. Contrast from the skills, cable tunnels and in cable trench laying methods is the best laying method, because the two methods to facilitate the construction, maintenance and repair of the cable. In some developed countries in the city, city planning construction, has been thinking about common tunnel. Proved common tunnel effect, outstanding operation greatly reduces the repeated investment times and repeated excavation road scene, but the upfront investment. Home, because of various factors, the laying method is rarely. Contrast, directly buried installation and shallow groove installation is attributed to the economy model is laying method, but not conducive to the maintenance and repair of the cable, once encounter cable trouble, even using the tester to measure problem, also want to have dug in cable trench, is extremely convenient. And cable laying methods selection, want to contact the actual situation, on the basis of engineering conditions, factors such as environment, cable type and amount, the use of vision, in accordance with the request of satisfactory operation reliability, easy to maintain and skills that economic and reasonable standards. Commonly used in the selection of cable power cable are immersion cable, PVC insulated cable, cross-linked polyethylene cable, etc. , based on the use of different occasions, and extends to different kinds of special cable. Now, follow production skills and continual improvement of production technology, YJV, YJV crosslinking polyethylene cable has become the most widely used cable goods, while selecting a cable, should according to the different environment and conditions apply, contact the specific conditions are selected, such as choosing directly buried and shallow groove installation method, should be thinking about using steel armoured cable. Cable sectional area selection to choose cable sectional area, related to how much capital contribution, the line loss and voltage quality of cable, using life, etc. If choose smaller cross-sectional area, can lead to lower voltage quality, line loss is too big, serious overheating and cable burned; Cross-sectional area is too large, will make the upfront investment is too high. And therefore should be based on the load forecast results, with carry out eyes, choose appropriate cross-sectional area, satisfy power cable operation electricity flow largest cable conductor temperature and voltage drop request, maximum short-circuit current under the action of the thermal stability of the request. Because of the high load speculation homework sex, accuracy is low, therefore, when choosing cable sectional area, but also satisfied with the low voltage distribution network in a city transformation skills> and 'urban power grid planning guideline' request. For the cable networks and cable network with power cables in the distribution network automation and continuous use, can be divided into the cable distribution network and aerial networks ( Including the overhead cables, hybrid network) 。 'For' low voltage distribution network in a city transformation skill guide> implementation and make up the mindset of 'also puts forward specific request on cable distribution network automation. Therefore, choose in distribution network LAN cable network, should be in accordance with the request of the power distribution automation, choose new skills, new equipment, conditional to ponder on automatic pilot operation, conditions are not mature in equipment selection, think there are good, plans to lay a foundation to complete automation. Company website: WWW. yuanyangcable。 com
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