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Power cable and steel core aluminum stranded wire demand forecast and prospect

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Power cable and demand forecast and prospect of steel core aluminum stranded wire BSCRM P according to the latest statistics, China electrical equipment industry association in the field of wire and cable, power cable production. Thousands of kilometers, year-on-year growth. %; Steel core aluminum stranded wire. Ten thousand tons, year-on-year growth. %; According to today's electronic industry development trend, expected, power cable will reach thousands of kilometers, year-on-year growth %, around the steel core aluminum stranded wire will reach ten thousand tons, year-on-year growth %. According to our country 'the 11th five-year plan, the electric power construction remains bigger investment scale, strong will pull the wire and cable industry market growth, bring a rare opportunity to wire and cable industry. In years electrical products import and export trade, wire and cable industry remain vigorous development trend, in the electrical products to be imported, ranked second, for. Dollars in export electrical products, wire and cable amount, most. $, become an electrician products one of the two main sources of trade surplus, Another for electrician work) 。 According to relevant data show that the electric power construction in our country on the basis of years production kilowatts capacity, annual production capacity. Million kilowatts, is the national total installed capacity reached. Million kilowatts. Though as power supply by the '15' relative tension toward the end of mid '11th five-year' basic equilibrium state and at the end of the transition process, then put into production capacity will be reduced, but the estimated annual production capacity will remain at around kilowatts level. China has identified 'water, fire, gas, nuclear, wind 'five power generation equipment common development. As the power sector in recent years for the past 'retransmission light for' shift in thinking, 'xd to east, north-south mutual supply, the national league? ”; , make the speed of urban and rural power grid construction, the development of wire and cable industry, provides a rare opportunity and wide market space. Km, the new production KV and above transmission lines, the new substation capacity KVA, in countries will have more investment in the construction of power transmission and transformation project. Electricity demand: in the whole society power consumption is expected to reach $kilowatt hour or so, growth is about %. Major will be remit President adjustable load of power grid in China. About million kilowatts, corresponding growth %, across the load growth speed is generally higher than that of electricity consumption growth. Power supply: according to preliminary statistics, the year of new power capacity about ~ kilowatts. By the end of the year, the national power generation equipment capacity. Million kilowatts. Power supply and demand situation: considering the coal transport, around the climate factors and actively implement demand side management measures, the comprehensive judgment in the overall balance of China's electric power supply and demand situation, there will be supply spare parts, individual regions in peak season or summer may also occur between supply and demand tension. At present, our country electric power industry is in a critical period of equipment level upgrade, need a lot of advanced electric power equipment. Electric power equipment manufacturing industry is not only to meet the electric power industry in the '11th five-year' before the year to the rapid development of electric power equipment, more need to strengthen the development of new technology products, to adapt to the electric power industry in resource conservation, improve energy efficiency, meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. Electric power equipment manufacturing industry faces a huge market, is also a great opportunity of development. Electric power equipment manufacturing industry to improve international competitiveness. Development of wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and ocean energy and other renewable energy and new energy power generation equipment design and manufacturing technology, the key research and application of wind power technology, especially the mw and above capacity of wind turbine design, manufacture and application of speed up the localization of the industrialization development of wind power and equipment manufacturing. The development of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment manufacturing technology. Using biomass ( Including waste) Power generation equipment design and manufacturing technology research. Encourage the research and application of new technology, to carry out the kv ac and + / - kv dc power transmission and transformation equipment independently developed, a comprehensive grasp kv ac/dc and kv ac power transmission and transformation key equipment manufacturing technology. Support research and grasp is the world's advanced level of HVDC transmission technology. Actively adopt advanced and mature, the applicable technology and equipment, improve the power grid transmission capacity, reduce the transmission loss, promote the optimization and upgrading of grid technology to support more onerous task power grid construction in our country. Tracking the superconducting technology, electrician electric new material technology. Power grid in our country the present situation and the overall strategy of our country except Taiwan has formed the northeast, north China, northwest, east China, Fujian) , central China ( Contain each) And southern inter-provincial power grid and shandong, hainan, xinjiang and Tibet independent province. In addition to the northwest power grid is given priority to with kV rack, other provinces and shandong networks have been built kV ZhuWangJia. Hong Kong and Macao power grid with kV and kV respectively and the guangdong power grid and southern grid connected thereby; Central China and east China power grid through the ge on HVDC project has achieved its interconnection; The northeast and north China, north China and central China power grid through the communication to achieve a kV interconnection; Central and southern power grid through three HVDC transmission project implements the Internet; In the northwest and central China power grid will be interconnected through spi dc back to back project implementation; In hainan and guangdong network plan will be implemented. At present, the nationwide network of the situation is in rapid advance, years before and after the basic implementation can except xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, the national network.  由于我国的能源资源主要集中在西部,而主要负荷却在中东部。 According to the characteristics of the resources distribution and load, the decision in a period of time, China is one of the important strategic development of China's power grid. The future of our country's power grid overall development strategy is: China to send, the mutual supply and the national network.
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