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Polyester TPU products popular with young people

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Polyester TPU products big popular with young people WCFJ P a mention polyester TPU products, you may think of mahogany chair, solid wood cabinet, leather or cloth art sofa, etc. According as the decreasing of timber resources, however, people call for green, the pursuit of environmental protection consciousness is also growing. How furniture industry the new faces appear, become issues of common concern to people. Now, into the furniture market, it is not difficult to find that some furniture made of plastics as the main materials, with colorful, light and easy to maintenance etc. Characteristics attracted the attention of some consumers. Visit the market understands, now polyester TPU began production of plastic products, with the progress of technology, some well-made polyester TPU products, a subversive plastic products to 'cheap', 'low' and other traditional impression of momentum. Such as huaxin released a acrylic chair, and exhibition of various organic glass tea table, aquarium and so on, these one has seen the bottom clean quality of a material, soft and comfortable profusion colour, is hopelessly linger on the pure plastic furniture. It is understood that in recent years, the polyester TPU products especially loved contracted and fashionable young people love, they love their own small household decorate contracted style, with colorful plastic and transparent furniture let indoor bright. The most important thing is, can be recycled plastic furniture, can minimize the environmental pollution, so more and more get people's attention. Jung kun plastic co. , LTD. Is a INOV ( A Norwich) TPU south China the only authorized agent. Professional business ultra-thin high transparent TPU, polyester TPU, polyether TPU, mobile phone sheath TPU, PC/ABS plastic raw materials and the agent a Norwich TPU plastic, Elizabeth foundation, social class, toray plastics, light plastic, etc. From the original handsome kun plastic polyester TPU & #; The factory's official website: HTTP / / WWW. jukpc。 com/
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