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Pipeline fire special electric tracing band system

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Pipeline fire special electric tracing band system analytic knifeqiao P & lt; div =“中心”对齐> < / div> introduction: in north China, cold, fire pipeline often appear the phenomenon of frozen wall, what is more, a split 'fountain' imagination, serious impact on the surrounding of the roads, and residents' life. At the end of last year a cold snap, the cold resistance of tested pipe fire across the country a wide range of cooling pipes, small to residents to fire pipeline, buried under different levels of problems, many areas of fire service. Nowadays, the emergence of electric tracing band of fire tube of the frozen wall problem a new perfect solution, fire pipeline application of electric tracing band is becoming more common, more and more people's recognition of pipeline fire electric tracing band provide heat pipe through the heat tracing system, can control the temperature in a certain range, in terms of fire pipeline, the temperature control in degrees above can effectively prevent freezing. The products are widely used in fire hydrant, fire pipeline and underground garage spray system, air conditioning cooling system piping anti-freezing heat tracing. My company's fire series of special high temperature electric heating in Beijing, tianjin, dalian and other cities of fire engineering in a large number of applications, the user response effect is better. The practical application of electric tracing band, fire pipes. And piping & lt; div =“中心”对齐> < /div> . And the local minimum ℃ ambient temperature. And: insulation materials. , the insulation layer thickness: mm, pipeline fire electric tracing band product technical parameters, fire electric tracing band skill function) Conductive materials for copper wires. ) Outer sheath for flame retardant compound with raw material. ) Shielding metal silk. ) The scene temperature control device, explosion-proof level:) Heating cable and the electrical and electrical connection box etc. All the equipment data fit the national standard. ) All heat tracing somite can heat system accessories for IP protection grade. ) Heating cable tolerated by the highest exposure temperature satisfaction planning request. ) In the energy saving with hotline wiring through terminal cohesion power cable and heating cable. ) Energy saving device with hotline space in the pipeline under the oblique, electric heating is prohibited to mix with other heating methods, avoid hair hotline damage. ) All energy saving heating attachment ( The electrical, two-way, tee, tail, etc. ) Disposable goods are the original factory. , fire control pipe electric tracing band product specifications and clarify. , control temperature heating cable specifications: ZRDHRPF energy-saving heating cable is made up of conductive plastics and two parallel metal wire with insulation layer. Electrically conductive plastic has the very high resistance temperature characteristic, output power decreases with temperature rise, along with the decrease of temperature. And parallel to each other, and can be applied with stack, not some overheating or burned. Can be arbitrary cut into the required length, do not affect heating effect. Use equipment thermostat. Thermal stability, pipes, fire control system of electric tracing band: ( Self-controlled temperature) Cycle times back and forth from ℃ to ℃. Hotline calorific value in % above. , fire pipeline system of electric tracing band supplier quality assurance system to ensure the safety supply excellent products. The supplier on the premise of ensure the quality of the goods, should be satisfied with the buyer's request for supply. Goods with the relevant national standard specification, as well as the terms of this skills deal closed, specification and specification includes: GB GB low voltage switch equipment and control equipment of low-voltage switchgear and control equipment of GB/T electrical equipment terminals and wire side to identify the specific and the general rule, GB need alphanumeric system. The first some electrical equipments used in explosive gas environment: common request GB. Electrical equipments used in explosive gas environment with the top heater some: general and experiment request fire electric heating with self-control temperature electric tracing band by nano conductive carbon grain and two parallel bus with insulation layer, because of this parallel structure, all electric tracing line can be cut into any length at the scene, choose two-way or tee connection. Nano conductive carbon skills within each company hotline, bus between the electricity goes along with the influence of temperature change, when with cooling temperature around the hotline, conductive plastic micro molecules to shorten and to form carbon connection circuit, current flows through the circuit, the hotline is hot. Generally speaking, fire special electric heating insulation of electric tracing band and strengthening layer is added flame retardant materials. Fire control electric heating structure, tinning soft round copper wire, ×。 , x. , x. ) , conductive plastic, flame retardant polyolefin insulation sheath, tin plated copper wire, flame retardant sheath outside the shield function parameters, the standard color: grey, temperature scale: the highest temperature ℃, ℃, the highest for temperature ℃ ℃, ambient temperature: the minimum: ℃, thermal stability, by ℃ ℃, ℃ ℃ after cycle times back and forth between calorific power electric tracing band in a % above, winding radius: ℃ at room temperature. 毫米; — For when ℃ low temperature. Mm, insulation resistance: electric tracing band length m, ℃, environment temperature with DC shake table test minutes, insulation resistance, Between the conductor and shield) Minimum value of M Ω electric heating floor brand electric mat the original address parsing pipeline fire electric tracing band system
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