Our pv export recovery to meet future trade disputes will continue to grow

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Our pv export recovery of attack in the future trade disputes will grow globledata P, steady development of photovoltaic industry in our country, photovoltaic export by the trough gradually looked up and recovery. In the industry is expected to Chinese photovoltaic products exports as kilowatts, exports become more stable. China's photovoltaic products and technical equipment in the international market is increasingly showing strong competitiveness, wafers, cells, components, and other products in our country has become a new growth point of pv export. Crystal secco energy chairman Li Xiande for optimism for the future development of photovoltaic industry. Li Xiande said China has become the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing base, also apply the world's biggest market, has the largest and most complete pv supply chain. Li Xiande referring to industry how to maintain steady growth, pv will enter a new period in China, the move is amazing and huge economies of scale, the future energy form of deterrence is also unprecedented. Li Xiande pointed out that the photovoltaic (pv) is an investment industry, as an investment industry only activate the financing channels, reduce the cost of financing, for the industry to provide strong financial support, pv to large-scale development. Financial reforms, the grid will be development of photovoltaic industry is very important. Li Xiande expects the photovoltaic market will also maintain % more years of growth. Li Xiande said the photovoltaic industry has been a popular government, Banks, media industry, the 'double reverse' from America to Europe, to Canada 'double reverse' initiated the investigation today. Photovoltaic products have been entangled with the international trade disputes, at the same time, confirm new energy become governments focus on photovoltaic industry. As countries around the world for pv value degree deepens, the future trade disputes about photovoltaic products will continue to grow.
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