Our country the first 1 million kv high-voltage transmission line construction

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Our country the first 1 million kv high voltage transmission line construction xuesong P on the morning of June 19, with 1000 kv southeast shanxi nanyang jingmen transmission line engineering foundation pouring system ceremony held in nanyang mahjong layout bo hope town songzhuang village, the construction of the first 1 million kv transmission line in China officially kicked off in henan province. According to introducing, 1000 kv southeast shanxi nanyang jingmen uhv ac project of experiment and demonstration project total length of 645 km, the line is completed, will become the world's first commercially run of 1000 kv transmission line, which can realize the north China power grid and central China power grid and regulate, complementary advantages, effectively promote the southeast shanxi intensive development of large-scale coal bases, relieve the tense situation of coal transport, and has a peak, peak shaving and inter-basin compensation comprehensive social benefit and economic benefit. Relevant experts told reporters that electric power in theory, the transmission capacity of transmission line and power is proportional to the square of the voltage, voltage double feeding power capacity will increase 4 times. Continually build higher voltage grade of power grid, will more high-capacity electricity to remote load center. Including 1000 kv transmission line engineering, southeast shanxi nanyang jingmen uhv ac testing demonstration project, is a landmark project to the transformation of China's power grid development mode, to realize the leap-forward development of the power grid, improve the overall level of power grid development in our country, it is of great significance. Uhv transmission lines, wire manufacturers brought new issues to us, also brings new opportunities for us.
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