Optical fiber cable with seven kind of twisted pair each advantage

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Optical fiber cable with seven kind of twisted pair to save advantage heibaocjp P WireShow cable exhibition 】 In network integrated wiring, essential will use to the twisted-pair cable and optical fiber network signal transmission medium. Twisted pair the classification of the lot, at present the mainstream line has super five categories, super six classes, even seven classes, and usually twisted-pair cable are shielded and unshielded again; Optical fiber has the single mode fiber with multimode fiber. This article is to tell you about the fiber with the seven class twisted-pair respective advantages. Fiber, especially the single mode optical fiber cable can be used for high speed network transmission, and has the support of innate immune to electromagnetic interference, strong reliability, the advantages of long distance transmission, is the ideal network transmission medium, its status is becoming more and more important. But the cable equipment, materials and termination costs are relatively expensive, installation is relatively complex, so the general suitable for long distance and large capacity of wiring. At present. / mu m multimode fiber in the main integrated wiring system have become the mainstream medium wiring, application in the level system is also becoming increasingly widespread. Unshielded twisted pair UTP, most of the wiring system is the present domestic applications, suitable for transmission bandwidth under MHz, no special performance requirements of network applications, its advantage is the overall performance is good, price cheap, construction and maintenance more convenient. Six wiring system has reached the limit the performance of the unshielded twisted pair. Aluminum foil shield twisted-pair FTP, larger bandwidth, strong anti-jamming ability, has the characteristics of low smoke zero halogen. Relative, shielded wire than shielding wire price and installation costs, cable bending performance is a bit poor. More than six before class line and shielding system using this form. Independence is shielded twisted-pair cable STP, each pair of lines has an aluminum foil shield, four together to the line and a common metal braided shielding layer, this is the standard seven types of cable structure. It is suitable for the application of high-speed Internet, providing highly confidential transmission, support the new application of the future, help to unify the current application of the network cabling platform, making everything from E-mail to multimedia video information, can be in the same set of high-speed transmission in the system. Additional shielding layer makes seven class line has a larger wire diameter, installation of routing and termination in the design of these characteristics require space cannot be too careful, want to leave a lot of space and large bending radius. Moreover, due to its excellent shielding design and high bandwidth, a typical seven kind of channel can even provide a pair of line MHz bandwidth for transmission cable TV signal, in another line to transmit analog audio signal, and then in the third and fourth line of high speed local area network information transmission. The application in the present is unimaginable, but soon will be seven class wiring system implementation. Compared with optical fiber LAN, seven class performance of the cable system solution provides hope and bandwidth, but its overall cost just a fraction of a fiber. Some people may think the bandwidth of the optical fiber system can give people enough, seven class cable and optical fiber cable with prices close to. However, if considering the fiber optic router, optical switches and optical network card cost factors, the price advantage of the fiber will quickly lost. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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