Optical communication development entered a new stage

by:AAA     2020-04-23
( Industry news] Optical communication development entered a new stage day Hao P optical communication represents a high speed and simplicity, while improves the transmission bandwidth and transmission distance and get rid of the traditional complex cable, is the backbone of the industry, but also to the inevitable trend of development, will be gradually eroded the traditional cable transmission territory, build a high rate of all optical communication era. Including FTTH, ASON is the leading role in the field of optical communication, still be the highlight of the vendors to display. FTTH: away from family and further to be able to get a real and effective user FTTH encountered bottleneck problems on network bandwidth, all-optical network is the inevitable trend of future development. FTTH has a long history, but has the problems of cost and technical difficulties plagued by operators, hinder its large-scale popularization. Japan's walk in the forefront of the world, FTTH is NTT in Japan's service cost is low, FTTH in a fiber can be achieved on the Internet, video phone, watching TV, and other functions, network times faster than current ADSL, reached the Mbps, users only need to pay the $a month can watch a television channel, all services of the total cost of $a month. There are thousands of users to use this service, FTTH years users is expected to reach. NTT introduced optical fiber bending fold, for more indoor wiring requirements in the FTTH, would be a great convenience. At the same time, in the world during the forum, the relevant standards organization announced a further improved standard FTTH, all this for FTTH market development has laid a good foundation. FTTH in China started late, is still at the initial stage of development. But after unremitting efforts currently has also made certain progress in FTTH. Ran the company on the ITU shows his latest FTTH solution, this is our country on the road of independent innovation and an excellent result. Create a complete full optical information highway is the goal of FTTH, let people see the FTTH is no longer so far away from us, believe that with the further development of FTTH and the reducing of the cost, FTTH will soon come to each one of us. ASON: breakthrough core technology with IP swelling of the business, the demand of the network bandwidth is becoming more and more big, and is increasingly urgent demand for network bandwidth dynamic allocation. ASON technology for its efficient bandwidth dynamic allocation mechanism, rapid response speed and high reliability, good expansibility and flexibility is to praise highly.
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