Opportunities in China before one thousand cable companies can dare on no

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Opportunities in China before one thousand cable companies ever dare on zhdljyw P since ancient times, human civilization exchanges to contribute to the world of the feat, affect the important of which is a handful, Columbus discovered America, the silk road opened up, because man is a social person, from beginning to end after is mutual understanding and communion, despite disputes, but the whole world the mainstream of peaceful coexistence remains constant, and since the world increasingly as a whole, such a feat is less and less. Put forward ideas of 'area' in China since one thousand, the largest vision is the most wide initiative, hereinafter referred to as 'OBOR,' 'One Belt And One Road' is also a economic belt and the 'silk road' century Marine silk road '. Along the plan involved about country, population of more than billion, including electric power, railway, communications and other infrastructure construction accounts for the vast majority of, for China's wire and cable enterprises can be said to be a millennium development opportunities, will inevitably lead to the development of domestic wire and cable industry. At present domestic cable industry faces a cable extreme imbalance of supply and demand, about the dangers of excess capacity still to continue, but 'along the way' of broad international market can be said to be created some hope for domestic cable companies, how to get the cable products enter the international market, how to make the cable companies hold up the foreign market, how to establish Chinese cable brand in the international, these are all problems. And, at the annual meeting of the global wire and cable professional Suggestions are given. Cable companies in all the way 'by' area of the world development, the wind must be excess capacity lost to foreign countries, and to improve the innovation ability; On the other hand, the development of Chinese enterprises in foreign countries, to adapt to the local legal environment, cultural tradition, to accept the new knowledge, strengthen the system training, integrate resources, establish the international brand; Finally, China's wire and cable companies should learn to win-win cooperation, the means of attack, only do so, can gain a good position in the international competition. The idea of the 'in' all the way for the development of Chinese wire and cable enterprises laid a solid foundation, as cable enterprise operators in China, early to plan, improve the innovation ability, promote the cooperation between the business opportunity, prepare the way for future development is the top priority.
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