Open the far east cable industry electronic commerce

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Open the far east cable industry electronic commerce first DLWKJ P open far east cable industry electronic commerce first, the far east business treasure network technology co. , LTD. , opening and cable network, cable sales treasure, China opening ceremony was held in jiangsu yixing grand cable material exchange, this is a milestone in the development of China's cable industry, is also a great event in e-commerce, marked the far east formally enter the field of electronic commerce, the first global DianLanYe e-commerce platform. Far east business treasure network technology co. , LTD was registered in (date) (month) (year), date of the formal opening, the company to 'integrate related resources, global customer service' for the purpose, the main three big business: one is the global cable industry portal - Cable network, provide users with the industry's most comprehensive, most timely and most professional information; The second is the world's first cable trading platform - Buying and selling treasure, for cable buyers and sellers to provide professional e-commerce service platform; 3 it is the world's first cable material trading platform - Cable material exchange in China, to build up a commodities such as copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber continuous spot trading platform. Cable network ( http / / www。 cableabc。 com/) Portal is the world's cable industry, in the information tracking and release, information services and management, etc. , site will be authoritative, efficient, innovative, rich, interesting, convenient and timely information technology processing means, all-round improve service level, mainly provide industry information, special reports, experts blog, brand exhibition, product recommendations, investment promotion, exhibition activities, interaction of supply and demand, the website construction and related business consulting services, designed to create a professional information service for the customer with the information exchange platform, provide valuable information and service, build harmonious good market environment, promote the healthy development of the industry. Cable trading (treasure http / / www。 cableex。 com/) Is the world's first cable trading platform, the main use of e-commerce for users in particular the cable companies short cable demand, inventory cable dispensing, cable accessories configuration information, trading, logistics, financial services, etc. To reduce the production cost, reduce inventory stranded and waste. Cable business treasure is a combination of the characteristics of BB and BC two e-commerce mode, not only can enhance the business communication and correspondence between the wire and cable companies, and strengthen the integrity between the communication with customers, to expand enterprise reputation. For customer need wire and cable, can seize market to buy on dips, batch framework contract, pay advance payment to lock in profits, at the same time, when there is urgent demand, without tedious bidding procurement and long production cycle. For wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, some enterprises have cable inventory, storage and the cost of capital takes up big, need to seek the market; While other companies have cable order, but the production cost is higher. In these cases, the cable business treasure can provide good communication platform, dealmaking, extends to the desktop for customers and business e-commerce information service platform, and guide the upstream and downstream supply chain partners into the platform to form strategic cooperation, for the user to do the overall solution. China cable material exchange ( http / / www。 cableex。 com/) Trading platform is the world's first cable materials, mainly in copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber goods such as spot trading in a row, with London LME, KS, Shanghai stock exchange are complementary in the United States, can effectively promote the spot commodity circulation, the prosperity of the surrounding areas of the market economy, the rational allocation of resources such as copper, aluminum, countless cohesion, regulate the supply and demand, promote the development of the cash-flow leads to deeper, modernization, reduce social costs, promote the information industry, material industry, the rapid development of the financial industry. Adequately address the spot commodities trading house source, customer source, online settlement, logistics distribution, and many other problems. At present, e-commerce is developing at an unprecedented rate continued, changing the traditional management pattern, the production organization form, affecting the industrial structure adjustment, optimal allocation of resources, the economic society and all walks of life had a profound impact, and e-commerce services is a powerful engine to promote the development of electronic commerce and the commercial infrastructure of the information age. Cable industry mechanical and electrical industry in China is second only to the auto industry's second big industry, after years of development, the competition narrowed, the industry 'scattered, small,' the basic characteristics of has no fundamental change, whether large or small and medium-sized cable companies, are exploring a new development model. Traditional industry e-commerce is big, and has been more and more companies proved to be effective era of new economy development mode. Far east business treasure to the construction of the three major platforms, created the history of e-commerce, the cable industry to build the whole industry chain of e-commerce, cable industry for cable upstream and downstream enterprises to provide valuable information and services, improve the whole industrial chain and enterprise collaborative between cable, will effectively promote the development of the transformation of the cable industry, create a harmonious market environment, achieve mutual benefit and win-win progress, promote cable manufacturing, the fusion of information industry, the logistics industry, financial industry development.
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