One Belt And One Road cable enterprise new opportunities

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] New opportunities zhdljyw One Belt And One Road cable enterprise P & lt; div【> The cable network news 】 The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the 'push to build the silk road economic belt and century the vision and action of the Marine silk road', 'One Belt And One Road' by idea is step by step into strategic planning at startup. All the way around this is considered to be the top planning file of five international thoroughfare, throughout Asia and Europe than the mainland, the decisive strategic start not only will drive along the China and other countries economic communication and development, has also created more opportunities for the 'made in China'. < / div> < Div> as second only to automobile manufacturing in manufacturing wire and cable industry is bound to be affected by the 'area' is important, not only put forward in the file for cable companies directly benefit the construction of cross-border fiber optics communication mains network also includes electric power and other energy generation and transmission channel construction is to further promote the progress of the cable industry, we also is not difficult to imagine, the future will cable industry enterprises to overseas development. < / div> < Div> 'neighbourhood' all the way through the great continents, one party is active east Asia economic circle, one party is developed European economic circle, deep among the masses of the national economic development has huge potential. Along with the continuous development of the concept of cooperation, the Chinese economy is also accelerating the pace of integration into the world economy, China's cable exports also gradually to the deep development of the enterprise. In the future, the overseas market is not only a cable on the one hand, the development of the enterprise and is gradually becoming an enterprise one of the most important aspects of the strategic planning in the future. Therefore, the policy can the good, become the key to the development of the cable industry in the future. < / div> < Div> in terms of electric power construction, according to the file content, the future may establish include Russia, Mongolia, central Asia and southeast Asia, South Asia, big power grid interconnection model, and in the area of Asian countries involved in all the way, most of the national power transmission loss is bigger, it also requires to use efficiency of power grid and transformation. And that for cable companies, like a big cake, a vast market. < / div> < Div> not only that, with the deepening of the 'area' the construction of Chinese cable companies will also be involved in the power construction of 'going out', as the investment of large capital and technology, for the promotion of the cable industry itself is also obvious. One Belt And One Road along the country has abundant renewable energy sources, will be to use them to power will also be able to pull the cable in the progress of the enterprise. < / div> < Div> all in all, cable companies to adjust the industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading, and enhance international competitiveness, to seize the historic opportunity brought by 'neighbourhood' all the way. < /div>
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