Offshore wind certification standard ( 1)

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Offshore wind certification standard ( ) Sanewcable P in order to promote and standardize the offshore wind power development, spontaneous or some foreign technology research institutions under the government funding, formulated the standard of the sea fan, third parties on the basis of the standard to carry out the fan, foundation, environment, such as testing and certification, improve the reliability of wind power project development and expected risk ability. Authentication management has become an offshore wind project developers assess and control the risk of general practice. The current technical strength strong wind power, such as Denmark, Germany, has been for domestic offshore wind project implementation of the compulsory certification. Danish starting in offshore wind farm construction, is the earlier standards for wind power and enforce certification countries, accumulated more experience in wind power technology and development. The Danish government early development of wind power development planning, and set up strict authentication system, which provides a guarantee to fan to the large capacity development. Denmark's certification standards for the Danish model technical specification for licensing and fan certification, Denmark's energy departments responsible for supervision and its enforcement, Denmark's national laboratory as its information support and research and development center. German classification society ( GL) Were published about sea fan in the certification standards, through the design of offshore wind farms after certification, and run a lot of experience, the latest edition of the 'GL sea fan certification guidelines ( ) 'And can be used for fan and wind farm design, evaluation and certification, covering the fan type approval and electric field project certification from two aspects. It is worth mentioning that the guidelines for fan is focused on design and manufacturing, covers from the beginning of the certification scope, to the load, the material, structure, mechanical, rotating blade, electrical, safety and environmental monitoring system of the whole content, and is not in a Marine environment and the guidance of the basic design, and therefore more suitable for wind power equipment suppliers. The international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) Released its latest 'sea fan design requirements', namely the IEC, it details the basic design requirements to ensure that the offshore engineering integrity of the fan, the purpose is to provide an appropriate level of protection, to avoid the fan may encounter during its design life all risk of damage. In IEC, the load assumptions and security levels determine was highlighted, which can be found about the details of the site assessment and load assumed, but about the material, structure, mechanical components and systems, Security system, electrical system) Aspects such as the content of no, or just simply mention. The IEC shall be combined with the appropriate combination of IEC/ISO standards. Especially pointed out that the standards and the requirements of the IEC, but not completely copy, and IEC is the world recognized as one of the standards of safety for fan. China cable network while at sea development in our country has just started, but domestic experts and scholars using the experience of land wind power development in China and abroad offshore wind standard, completed the sea fan standards. China classification society ( CCS) Formulated the 'standard of offshore wind power unit', the content involved in environment and load, material, structure, electric system, installation, debugging, process monitoring and maintenance, etc. The standard already was evaluated by experts, the year is expected to carried out. The standard will further standardize the development of offshore wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country, improve the safety and reliability of offshore wind power project, and to provide reference for the domestic certification work at the same time. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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