Offshore wind and meet opportunities - — The first national standard for offshore wind farms will come into effect on October 1

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Offshore wind and meet opportunities - — First national standard for offshore wind farms will implement Cluo P on the month by China can build planning group guangdong courtyard, editor of the national standard 'offshore wind farm design standard' published, and will take effect on (date) (month) (year). As the first offshore wind farm in the national standard, the standard has reached the international advanced level, and fills the blank of offshore wind farm design standards in our country. Experts said the national standards issued, will work better in the design of offshore wind farms in our country, to promote China's offshore wind farm project design standardization, standardization, give full play to the offshore wind energy efficiency and guarantee the safe operation of the offshore wind, is of great significance. It is worth noting that years ago offshore wind power construction in our country will form a wave of 'tide'. (date) (month) (year), the National Development and Reform Commission issued 'notice about improve wind power feed-in tariff policies, for approved before the end of the offshore wind power project, must be completed online at the end of the year, can get. Yuan/KWH of feed-in tariffs. This year approved a total of jiangsu province. GW offshore wind project, guangdong, fujian, zhejiang and other provinces of the approved total GW. According to the latest 'in wind power construction management method', years ago approved unbuilt projects will be installed in the next two years, is expected in installed wind between GW to GW, year-on-year growth % %, the boom of industry gradually improve. Source: economic daily
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