Officer xuan! UL big battery lab, located in changzhou power of China's new energy automotive industry!

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Officer xuan! UL big battery lab, located in changzhou power of China's new energy automotive industry! DFDV P today, the world famous independent third party certification bodies of the UL and hi-tech industry development zone, changzhou wujin countries signed a cooperation agreement, plans to build large battery testing laboratory in changzhou. Vice mayor, changzhou wujin district party committee secretary li Lin, wujin district district Dai Shifu government leadership, and UL interconnection technology enterprise group President martino, UL global vice President, greater China managing director Feng Hao UL top attended the signing ceremony. In recent years, as one of the seven strategic industries, new energy automobile industry developing rapidly. Xi jinping, general secretary pointed out: 'the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for our country from a big car to car powers. 'Years, for China's new energy vehicle sales. Thousands of vehicles, the world's new energy automobile production and sales for three consecutive years the first power. The year is expected to put into cars, the cumulative volume has more than ten thousand Taiwan. Also hidden behind the high speed of development, the safe hidden trouble, the first when the need is the question of the motive forces of the new energy vehicles. Different from traditional fuel cars, many of the new energy vehicles powered by battery drive, battery charging and life is the issue of new energy car is very important to safe driving. At present, too much has happened since a display life do not tally with the actual mileage, battery performance decline, even the battery short-circuit, explosion caused by security problems, that the property of the consumer losses, even pose a threat to life safety. Imperfect relevant safety standards, but also affect one of the reasons for the healthy and orderly development of new energy industry in China. As a professional organization has years of history of safety science, UL has issued about the safety, quality and sustainable standard, and always with rigorous scientific attitude, a few tens of thousands of all kinds of Chinese enterprises to provide the one-stop services such as testing, inspection and certification, help enterprise production safer, more accord with a standard product. UL to build large battery lab will escort for China's new energy vehicles. Signing ceremony, vice mayor, changzhou wujin district party committee secretary li Lin said: in recent years, the strong clasp 'innovative wujin district area, the development strategy of enriching people' action, proactively intellectual charge new field layout, intelligent made cars and new energy vehicles as the main direction, form a complete set of industry associations and regional linkage development. Wujin and UL has a broad cooperation space, this sign is many times after consultation of both trust each other, sincere communication achieved significant results. We welcome such as UL credibility strong professional institutions located in wujin, this will also further perfect wujin national high-tech zone flood industrial chain. At the same time, we will create the first-class business environment and the ecological innovation, together with the UL build a new benchmarking UL intellectual developments in the field of electricity interconnect technology enterprise group President said martino party on the contract signing ceremony: changzhou wujin is the national famous intelligent equipment manufacturing base, high-tech development situation is good, the robot and the two pieces of flood is the industry card. Wujin high-tech zone of good business environment, complete matching, quality and efficient government services are impressive. Hope that the two sides can settle in this project as an opportunity to open a new cooperation, jointly create more intelligent and model of development of the Internet. The signing ceremony, witnessed the beginning of friendly cooperation, UL and wujin high-tech zone. Future, UL and high will also hand in hand together, achieve win-win situation, for China's new energy automotive industry and contribute to the economic development of China!
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