Officer Lin town became the largest wire and cable manufacturing base

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Officer Lin town became the largest wire and cable manufacturing base CGL P transfer: jiangsu yixing officer Lin town is famous since the reform and opening up of wire and cable professional towns and villages. Now with the characteristics of wire and cable manufacturing, this industry group, has become the country's largest wire and cable manufacturing base, wire and cable sales have accounted for % of total sales in the country. It is said that this year officer Lin town industrial taxable sales is expected to reach one hundred million yuan. Officer Lin town goal is to create 'billions of cable city, the target is closer and closer. In GuanLin wire and cable industry, and filled the brave 'officer Lin spirit of never yielding. Enter the officer Lin, cable companies everywhere, one next to one, one after another, give a person with the feeling of staying cables' forest '. At present, the officer of wire and cable and related enterprises reached more than home. The whole town has sales of more than one hundred million yuan more enterprises, entrepreneurs more than ten billion yuan. The officer Lin founded the yixing first a cable company. After years of development, now the officer Lin has hundreds of varieties, thousands of specifications of the cable products, has the Asian first-class superfine special copper wire production base. In recent years, the officer Lin added dozens of cable and supporting enterprises every year. Some of these enterprise boss, itself is started with from the cable industry, after years of struggle, 'the name into cause; There used to be a cable company worker, after mastering technology, with capital accumulation, to start a business; Officer, said Lin town 'officer Lin town development is the biggest advantage of growing entrepreneurial zeal. The brave and the spirit of never yielding, is our greatest resource and wealth. 'the cable in the acquisition of officer Lin spirit', also send the other industry development. 'around the city level billions of Chinese cable, the world's largest production base of epoxy resin, and the world first-class superfine special copper wire production base of the strategic target, fission officer Lin in the enterprise expansion, industry diversified development, the wave of a new round of development of economy to a higher platform. 'the official said. 'billions of level cable city' is a tangible city, is also a city of intangible officer director Lin town DangZhengBan Wang Yudong such interpretation 'billions of cable city' connotation of 'officer Lin build & #; Billions of city level cable & #; , it can be said to be visible, also can saying is invisible. We don't like building a decoration city, city, the city into a cable & #; Grand bazaar & #; , it should be a more gathered the most high-end platform for enterprises, technology and talents, is a research and development of science and technology at the forefront of position. 'indeed, in addition to the size and resource advantage, officer Lin cable industry also has the obvious talent advantage. At present, the officer Lin has cable more than professional senior engineer, intermediate technical personnel more than, cable workers reached nearly ten thousand people. In the early years, the provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) macroeconomic research institute and officer Lin township government jointly compiled 'China cable city development strategic planning'. Arms to create 'China cable city dream, officer Lin town has persistent go on for years. Here built national standard cable testing center, with tsinghua science and technology business incubator (sign an enlightenment Officer Lin) Last month, the Ministry of Education of science and technology development center 'blue fire plan in pilot officer forest started, and to the institute of wire and cable industry. Enterprise's technical requirements and research problem, in this platform with the major national university experts' advice 'unique, the latest scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities will be the first in the officer Lin enterprise transformation. In build 'billions of level cable city at the same time, for the people to build a beautiful city, the city of hope. Officer of a public plaza Lin, covering. Thousands of square meters, with a total investment of ten thousand yuan, is the nation's largest township leisure square. Wang Yudong said, the lights of the square is a flow of LED lights, which is the symbol of our pride --, cable. The officer Lin has won the national civilized town, the town of beautiful environment, national hygiene, national ShiFan Town small towns construction and so on a national title of honor. On this land, will also create many miracles? People are looking forward to.
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