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Nuclear power development present situation, the ability and the market prospect in China

by:AAA     2020-04-23
( Industry news] Nuclear power development in our country present situation, the ability and the market prospect of ningxia P under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, China's nuclear power after years of development, has achieved remarkable results. Nuclear power design, construction and operation levels increased significantly, the nuclear power industry foundation has been initially formed. Start and small batch after two stages of construction, now formed the zhejiang qinshan, daya bay in guangdong and jiangsu tianwan three nuclear power base. By the years, our country has nuclear power units in operation, the installed capacity reached kilowatts. At the end of the year, total nuclear power installed capacity in China and nuclear power, power and total installed capacity in China were respectively. % and. %。 Nuclear output in zhejiang and guangdong provinces, more than % of total generating capacity, the province nuclear power became the important pillar of local power supply. Construction unit to the year after all put into production, nuclear power will have the units in China, kilowatts, which accounts for the power-generation about % of the total capacity. Qinshan phase I nuclear power station has the safe operation of the year, at the end of the year the seventh in the fuel cycle to create the best result for the safe operation of the days of domestic nuclear power plants, the world association of nuclear operators ( WANO) Nine performance indicators, qinshan nuclear power plant has six indicators reached the median level, including three indicators reached the world advanced level. Localization of qinshan phase ii nuclear power plant fully completed and put into operation, the realization of the major across independent commercial nuclear power plant construction in our country, than investment $/ kw, localization rate %, withstood the initial test run, show the excellent performance, achieved good economic benefit and social benefit. Qinshan phase iii heavy water reactor nuclear power plant put into operation in advance, in line with international standards for nuclear power project management, created the international records of the same kind of plant. In guangdong daya bay nuclear power station was put into operation, maintain the safe and stable operation, some operation index reached the international advanced level, have achieved good economic benefits. Ling ao nuclear power plant in guangdong has been fully completed and put into operation and achieve good results. Jiangsu tianwan nuclear power station unit 1 in the process of being debugged. In addition, China's export of Pakistan chashma nuclear power plant monthly grid-connected power generation, load factor to %. (date) (month) (year), the State Council approved the construction of ling ao nuclear power plant in guangdong, zhejiang sanmen nuclear power plant phase ii project first phase. The meeting urged all concerned to implement the leadership of the State Council 'not wrong move' requirements, unified organization, unified leadership, to ensure that nuclear power to achieve the goal of construction of democracy development, efforts to form independent brand design, equipment manufacture and construction of China's nuclear power plants. In short, China's nuclear power in technology research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, construction, project management, operation management, etc. , have considerable foundation and strength, in order to speed up the development of accumulated experience, has laid a solid foundation. Ripe for accelerating the development of nuclear power, the condition has basically. Nuclear power design. China's nuclear industry owns a well-equipped, professional knowledge and the age structure more reasonable nuclear power research design team, formed a design management and interface control procedures and quality management system; To master the design of some foreign nuclear power mature technology; Can independently design construction kilowatts and mw PWR nuclear power plant, also had the design is given priority to with me, sino-foreign cooperative construction million kilowatt of PWR power. Nuclear power design institute, China national nuclear corporation organizations to carry out the localization of million kilowatt grade pressurized water reactor nuclear power units in the design work, the preliminary design has been completed and entered the stage of preliminary design review. Nuclear power technology research and development. Industry in our country the establishment of a complete professional nuclear scientific research system, cultivate a high levels of nuclear research team, has built with international level of large-scale nuclear power technology base, test bench, research facilities, has a strong independent development ability and the ability of digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, can basically meet the needs of independent design, for the technology progress and the subsequent development provides a powerful guarantee. In design technology research, many technical difficulties solved the plant engineering design, initially formed relatively perfect the backbone of the nuclear power engineering design analysis program system. Initially formed a set of advanced design methods and test means, improve the ability of our country's advanced pressurized water reactor design and development. Is based on key techniques in the development of the third generation, fourth generation nuclear power. Nuclear power project construction management. 'The construction of nuclear power in the period of the project, whether localization project, or a chinese-foreign cooperative project, established a standardized corporate governance structure, construction and operation of the plant will be entirely responsible for project owner. In the engineering project management, implement the bidding system and project supervision, through the selection of bidding construction contractors and equipment procurement, effectively reduce the cost and ensure the construction quality. In terms of quality, progress and investment control got good grades, and accumulated valuable experience.
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