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Northwest widely used heating of the heating cable from the cold

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Northwest widely used heating cable heating warm knifeqiao P xian tracing band - northwest widely used heating cable heating cold ( Electric tracing band/electricity floor heating) , residents already say goodbye to the heating at home. Winter heating and heating, have been in the residence in north China, especially the vast industry to carry out an issue that nots allow to ignore. Especially in recent years, because of the progress of the life that occupy the home comfortable request, from the original request of indoor temperature, which can be the sexual norms to comfortable sexual norms. Together, protect the environment has become a basic national policy of China, calls the rising of environmental protection and energy saving society. And with the commercialization of the residence, the traditional central heating bag burn into household heating metering charges system is imperative. However, neither the traditional large boilers, high chimney steam heating, is still a new fireplace, temperature, and air conditioner is not seriously pollute the environment, is the way of capital operation, power and mutual harmony, and a small piece from the family already limited space. Electric heating zone with the acceleration of residence heating skills and product reform footsteps, growing in the heating system in a variety of power. Recently, a technique called heating cable low-temperature radiation heating system is quietly popular in the market. According to understand, as the representative of electric heating, it powered by clean pollution-free electric power, with high efficiency by the use of heating cable as the heat carrier, with heating room or metope, ceiling for the cooling surface of the ground, has mobilized the advantages of various kinds of heating methods. By the original alcatel cables and components of Nike's company headquarters restructuring is one of the world's largest heating cable suppliers. Concerned personage introduction, according to Nike's company in China, Nike's heating cable has the Great Wall in Beijing ShuiGuan neighboring commune at the foot of the Great Wall 'and' Hong Kong garden 'and other projects in baotou. Power to support the vision of good heating cable low-temperature radiation heating system is electric heating method of powered support. In the now the power of clan, electricity for its superior properties become the most famous of these. With further electric power industry, the use of home electric heating is increasingly wide. First is the electrical energy is renewable power, origin is widespread, very brief by other energy conversion, water energy, wind energy, wave energy, solar energy, etc. As long as into electricity applied talents of mass, nuclear energy is as long as into electricity talents large-scale use. Electricity also briefly into any other methods together can, of course include heat energy, and long distance transmission and control. Thermal power is very high, the second electric energy is coal more times, about The Times of gas and oil products, can greatly save power. And heating cable to % of electrical energy into heat this feature will save the perfection. Third, the electrical energy which is the most impetus in cleaning effect, no pollution. Especially in China is given priority to with coal power structure, related industry experts have suggested that as far as possible the amount of coal can be converted to electricity, coal with coal into a transmission power. Rare, according to mark the produce of coal used to generate electricity, as long as % while leading coal-producing countries up to %. Distance is self-evident. Now, the Beijing municipal government has been first proposed by the request of some alternatives to coal-fired electricity, gas, heating heating. Therefore, powered by electricity heating of the heating cable supported prospects are bright. More comfortable low thermal radiation heat transfer method, there are three ways of conduction, convection and radiation. Among the three, the most prominent of the feelings of radiant heat. The heating cable low-temperature radiation heating system is through the heating room on the ground ( Or metope, end face) To low temperature thermal radiation, the method of the heat for the room. Together, floor heating is also considered the most fit the body temperature of physiology method, coupled with the use of associated can accurately regulate temperature programming thermostat, use of households can set the operating temperature of arbitrary time in the future, real completed the planning idea of 'human-oriented'. Else, this heating method is easily completed the household heat metering. Now, heating cable low-temperature radiation heating system has become an international hvac engineering recognized as the most ideal, one of the most leading comfortable heating method. Performing skills a brief is the basic set of heating cable heating, electricity from power lines to the transformer, low voltage power distribution equipment, household electricity meter, temperature controller, finally laid under the floor or wall of the heating cable to the indoor heat radiation. Specific operation is in the ground on the structural buildings, first laid high efficiency heat preservation material and polyester vacuum aluminum plating film, unidirectional heat preservation, heat insulation effect, on the thermal insulation material laying welded wire mesh, then fix the distance of the heating cable according to the plan request on the steel wire net, and then filled with concrete, after tamping maintenance to strength, to make the ground surface, the surface can be used marble, ceramic tile, compound wood floor, etc. In the installation, the length of the cables can be cut scene, it is easy to construction. Other because new heating cable both heat resistance, pressure, anti-aging, electromagnetic shielding and security goals have progress, even if their lap will not overheat or burned, since the phase but also complete with buildings and pipelines become old, yea, expelling the repair. In addition, heating cable heating can also be applied to pipes freeze protection category, constitute a heating cable pipe insulation antifreeze with control circuit system, to be useful to avoid simply side occurs, and initial investment and operation cost saving. In snow area outdoor roofs of buildings and roads, road de-icing system, heating cable is preferred. Anhui days kang ( Group) Co. , LTD.
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