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by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] North cable ready hf P modification time browsing times: time north cable ready source of tianjin daily, Tianjin) Someone to participate in the mobile phone to watch the news north cable as a factory in less than a decade of private enterprises, relying on scientific and technological innovation continue to expand the market, continuously improve product market competitiveness, product marketing provinces, municipalities, and exported to Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, India and other countries, 'north' brand trademark was named China's well-known trademarks, creating domestic outstanding achievement in the industry. In recent years, the sustained and rapid growth of the economy in our country, for the wire and cable industry provides a huge market space. According to incomplete statistics, China now has more than all kinds of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, annual production in one hundred million yuan. Although the output is huge, but from the point of the development level of the industry, there are scattered industry concentration is low, the technical force, product technology content is not high. North cable group co. , LTD. , founded in years, is a set production and sales in a body, the standardization of the transformation of high-tech achievements into products of private enterprises, the main products are high voltage crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable, low voltage power cables, control cables, instrumentation signal cables, railway signaling cable, etc. , are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, highway, construction and other industries and national key project. Enterprise has special research and development department, technical personnel more than, more than 1, with senior technical titles in the year ten thousand yuan of special funds, for the enterprise product development, improve laid a solid foundation for improving production process, make the north cable foothold in the fierce competition. At present, the long length of continuous superposition combination mode of production is made one of the main process of domestic wire and cable products, any steps in the process of the process, the instantaneous point problem, will affect the quality of the whole cable. Wire and cable of any component or process quality problem, for this cable is almost irrevocably and make up. Quality defects, the more the inner layer, and there is no termination of the production in time, the greater the damage. Aimed at the situation, north of the cable technician has developed a kind of on-line monitoring equipment, the equipment installed in the beginning of the end of the production line, the insulation of the cable can be inside walls, insulation layer, outside wall such as part of the real-time status display clearly on the monitoring instrument, the operator to know whether all quality parameters of the product in the first time, for the thickness and density data such as product manual intervention, and improve the quality of the product. It is constantly innovation, the quality of the products is the guarantee, north cable was in a dominant position in the industry. In order to have a bigger development, enterprises are to vigorously develop market prospects such as wind power cable, rail transit cable good special cable. Author: zhang chunming JinYuan Chen Lixing ( This article source: tianjin tianjin daily net)
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