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Non-ferrous metals industry leading stock investment value rating ( Chart)

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Non-ferrous metals industry leading stock investment value rating ( Chart) Second P non-ferrous metal prices fluctuate still: after a volatile week, non-ferrous metal prices rebounded finally on Friday. In the value of the dollar and rising oil prices, gold prices have also recovered. But compared to a week ago, the week non-ferrous metal prices are still generally fell. Among them, the heavy falls in including nickel, To fall. %) And lead ( To fall. %) 。 With Inco company is located in the factory to solve the labor disputes of Canada, prices fell back in cleaning up. But, including stainless steel, nickel on consumer demand is still very strong, this makes we believe prices could still hitting a record high again. Non-ferrous metal plate weak: affected by price fluctuations, last week major a-share listed company's share price performance non-ferrous metal is still unsatisfactory. The week of the non-ferrous metal industry configuration index fell. %, while the composite rose last week. %。 Alumina prices accelerated: as our initial judgment, since the end of the month, the spot alumina prices fell again, a week ago MB quotation from the current $/ ton fell to $/ ton. It is reported that India's national aluminium company ( Nalco) The latest bids for alumina prices for only $/ ton. In this (date) (month) (year), Nalco bids for alumina to. A price usd/ton; June 21, Nalco sales for the alumina price. Dollars/ton. As far as we know, the domestic import alumina port delivery price has dropped to $/ ton, tax price is about us, yuan/ton, is close to chinalco, the domestic price of yuan/ton. Rapid growth in China's alumina production: according to non-ferrous metals industry association, the first four months of this year, all domestic for alumina production. Ten thousand tons, year-on-year growth up to. %。 Compared with electrolytic aluminium production rose only. %。 Years, China's aluminum oxide and electrolytic aluminum production growth, respectively. % and. %; Alumina production growth over the years for the first time more than aluminium. Obviously, with the domestic many large new production of alumina plant, the trend in the years will be more and more obvious. G guiyan ( ) Investment rating to 'advantages' : as including yuanjiang nickel industry assets into the company, we believe that in the next three years the nickel industry profits will be the most important guiyan of platinum industry revenue. The automobile exhaust catalyst product also is expected to be profitable. We believe that a reasonable on the company's share price should be in the future. Yuan. < IMG onmousewheel = '返回bbimg ( 这一点) “风格= ' ' onclick = javascriptwindow光标指针。 open( 这一点。 src) ; src =“http / /形象。 eastmoney。 com//content///。 gif的onload = ' javascriptif ( 这一点。 屏幕宽度>。 宽度) 这一点。 风格。 屏幕宽度=。 宽度; '>
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