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Nexon will release electric vehicle charging cable solution _ _ cable wire and cable information network

by:AAA     2020-12-13
Nexon will release electric vehicle charging cable solution

' Cable network - 】 According to Nike's official website, the company will be held on November 4, local time, in the Netherlands in the Europe in 2014 meter show, 欧洲公用事业周) Posted on the latest electric car charging cable solution.

it is understood that the wisdom of Europe's biggest energy, namely the European meter exhibition, will be held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, cover the energy such as electricity, water, gas, involving intelligent meter ( 智能计量) , smart grid, 智能电网) , data management, 数据管理) AMR& AMI, communication & amp; IT, energy retail ( 能源零售) Such issues.

nexon, said the launch of the charging cable solution is part of the company Eco2charge charging cable project, its purpose is to promote the sustainable development of electric vehicles. The smart solution can connect module, charging pile and other infrastructure.

in particular, bus duct nexon patent products will achieve a direct link to the charging pile, and don't have to do trenching or other complicated installation program. In addition, this solution can accept different charging speed and socket type.

nexon smart grid, head of Annie Ché Enne, said & other; We are very glad to be in order to speed up to make our contribution to the development of electric vehicles. A new charging cable solutions in line with international standards, believe that can be deployed on a global scale. ”

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