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New York is the rechargeable battery to enter into a mandatory recycling program

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] New York is the rechargeable battery of compulsory recycling plan pony P trade development network news, recently, the New York state passed a new law, battery manufacturers, including importers, and retailers work together, to its sales or distribution of the rechargeable battery set up a free and convenient recycling system. The new law requires rechargeable battery manufacturers for all retailers recycling of waste battery to establish a set of perfect repatriation and recycling programs. According to the regulation, all retailers to recover the system must be established before the month day, manufacturers must also submit to the authorities in New York before the date of the written plan, prove its will use a safe method to collect the rechargeable battery for retailers, transport, and recycling. The regulation of the rechargeable battery including any kind of nickel cadmium battery, sealed lead-acid batteries, lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, and no less than a pound of rechargeable batteries, etc. These cells usually exists in a range of consumer goods, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, MP player, etc. While the following types of batteries, be excluded from the scope of laws and regulations, including cars, boats, trucks, tractors, golf carts, wheelchair; Storage of unconventional energy battery such as solar and wind turbines; And complete important part of electronic equipment in the backup battery, etc. It is estimated that each year, thousands of pounds in New York the rechargeable battery service life, and most of the waste battery is disposed in a landfill. The establishment of the laws and regulations is the New York state control management one of the important measures of electrical and electronic equipment recycling. The key is to require manufacturers, rather than consumers or government departments responsible for the product recovery and recycling. It is reported, in California, according to the electronic waste recycling act, requiring retailers must at the same time of consumers to buy electronic equipment recycling fees to consumers. Recently, the request to establish a domestic general recycling system calls will increasingly strong.
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