New information: cable industry means of dealing with raw materials rise in price

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] New information: cable industry means of dealing with the raw materials rise in price canny P BBS news UL supply chain for the first time held in China dongguan manufacturing industry, should be the most authoritative product safety testing and certification company U L ( U nderw ritersLaboratories) No stranger. Yesterday U L held in China for the first time through the wire and cable industry supply chain peak BBS in songshan lake. Yesterday's conference, the organizers U L introduction: 'this is the first time U L held with the type of event, and collection, for the first time China's wire and cable O the EM so much of the upstream and downstream enterprises. 'U L global cable Lai Lunhui vice President and general manager to the scene, said in the opening speech. He is looking forward to, through the BBS U L technical experts in the speech, the industry can not only to learn product compliance to the latest requirements of the international market, at the same time also outlining the magnificent blueprint for the healthy development of the industry in the future. Yesterday with a number of enterprises to participate in this BBS, including 50 is a dongguan yesterday and wire and cable industry association member units. Association of dongguan nissin conduction technology co. , LTD. , chairman of ming-bin li, he said, the dongguan about wire and cable and the surrounding industrial enterprises, including foreign companies especially taiwan-funded enterprises for more than half; Main products are electronic transmission cables and special high temperature cable, its industry output value of tens of billions of yuan, most of which products are exported to all over the world, half of global cable industry. 'This is the first U L wire and cable supply chain summit held in guan. 'He said after U L held a summit in the United States, Japan, but assembled from raw material manufacturer, to wire and cable manufacturers, users, and even wal-mart terminal sales for the first time the entire supply chain. ( Articles from the supply network)
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