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National holiday alert toys of dangerous chemicals

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] National holiday alert toys of dangerous chemicals pony P in the Christmas is approaching, the European commission launched a eu toy safety activities, the purpose is to tell consumers during the New Year, and how to buy safe toys products after the New Year. Eu consumer association urged lawmakers toys should be strictly restricted in potential dangerous chemical, because these chemicals exposure of children once they are enough to cause the endocrine disorder; Although this year the European Union is released and introduced the new toy safety directive, but it may come into contact with the children still faces the risk of unsafe toys. As the world's largest toy manufacture and exporter, has been one of the eu's important toy exporter in China. In the face of the new eu toy safety directive today date: take effect after the first toy consumption peak - — The coming of the Christmas holiday, our country toy enterprise should adopt what kind of action actively respond? In order to further interpretation of the above information, the author consulting the domestic first patented over the CPSC certified third party inspection agencies PONY spectrum of test. PONY spectrum testing experts told reporters that in recent years, the European Union to the toy production material, design, safety sign standards continue to improve, toy recall announcement for many times in China. Cause the recalled product quality problems mainly includes three aspects: material, product contain high-risk chemicals; , product parts easy to cause the child suffocation; The danger of injury, products to children. Other problems include: product components exist, which leads to the hidden trouble hearing or vision impaired and flame retardant performance is unqualified products. As the new eu toy safety directive keep coming up with increasingly stringent testing standards, such as the large increase in European and American markets for toy safety standards, especially strict limits on chemical substances. Therefore, toy production enterprises must adopt a more safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, necessarily causes Chinese toy export enterprise testing costs significantly increased, weaken the global competitive advantage. PONY spectrum testing experts suggest that the toy production enterprises, actively looking for alternative materials and research change the toys design, to strict management of the supply chain, to ensure safety of qualified parts production; And at the same time to have the corresponding qualification of the third party testing institutions in close cooperation, with its technical advantage adequately, guarantee product quality and the quality and safety, and eventually win the international market.
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