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National high-pressure extra-high voltage cable engineering technology research center expert committee meeting in 2019 and high-pressure extra-high voltage cable system technology exchange meeting

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] National high-pressure extra-high voltage cable engineering technology research center in expert committee meetings and high-pressure extra-high voltage cable system technology exchange meeting was held in jiaozuo grand DFDV P of the autumn, the cool fruits. To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the people, the national annual high-pressure extra-high voltage cable engineering technology research center expert committee meetings and high-pressure extra-high voltage cable system technology exchange meeting together in 'thyme gallery rolls of history' of yuntai mountain, the meeting gathered members, state grid, southern power grid, power company in Singapore, China electric power research institute, turned over to the big, the big, anyone institute, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai power supply bureau and other more than cable industry technical experts at home and abroad, business guests to attend the meeting, to discuss the development of Chinese cable industry and power industry, vice mayor of jiaozuo NiuYanPing congratulations and addressed the meeting. Meeting by China electric power research institute, wuhan high voltage research institute Zhao Jiankang and Shanghai electric cable research institute Mao Qingchuan host, Qingdao han river group publicizes great chairman delivered a speech. Chairman han cable are introduced based on high voltage technology platform of ultrahigh engineering technology research center, technology innovation to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises, deepen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, promoting the transformation of technology, knowledge exchange and absorption, has made great progress. The gap between us and foreign high-end technology products is constantly narrowing, but to make our products reach the world leading level still need to different industries, different technical experts in the field of cooperation, joint research. So 'engineering center' in the future will bring high-pressure extra-high voltage cable good public technology platform construction, actively seeking production, study and research cooperation, and for experts to create technological innovation, scientific experiments and engineering application of the working environment, provides the omni-directional service. Will focus on the future, han cable wire and cable manufacturing, transmission and distribution installation, testing, training, diagnosis, and web services research and development center, build kechuang base with the international advanced level. Introduce international advanced SAP enterprise management system, in the comprehensive promotion product quality and economic efficiency of enterprises at the same time, makes the cable industry cluster, better service to the power system, narrowing the gap with foreign advanced cable manufacturing enterprises. Conference from Chen Weijiang academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, international large power grid insulation cable Fu Mingli Wu Changshun research committee, China southern power grid, xi 'an jiaotong university professor xiao-long cao wen-wen, Singapore power grid, China electric ouyang this red research institute, Shanghai jiaotong university professor Yin Yi, on line jian-sheng sun electric power research institute, guangdong power grid He Dongxin Yu Xin, shandong university and national high-pressure extra-high voltage cable engineering technology research center of engineer respectively issued: 'the coagulation hearts meet force coordination promote high-end cables for production, full democracy', the corrugated aluminium sheath high voltage cable block water features the discussion of the factors ', 'the current situation of the development of offshore wind and offshore wind platform and equipment technology, the great length high voltage cable mixed wired the transient overvoltage problem' on the road, the new energy grid introduction to operation of high pressure and ultra-high cable, the large capacity power cables sheath design and application of overvoltage limiter, the high voltage cable full-size space charge measurement research on key technology, environmental adaptability, — The challenge of ultra-high voltage power cables and response ', 'high voltage cable line for fire and explosion prevention technology and application', 'high voltage dc cable accessories semiconductive materials for research on the influence of space charge accumulation and its mechanism, the high voltage cable structure optimization, such as reports, meeting report caused experts warm discussion. During the meeting, the guest to take wuhan river cable co. , LTD. , and jiaozuo han river cable co. , LTD. Visit, repairing during his visit, wu company repair wu company deputy general manager Liu Zhongqin accompanied the wire and aluminium rolling workshop production was introduced, mainly introduces the research and development and the manufacture technology of aluminium alloy rod; During the visit, in jiaozuo company chairman zhang entrepreneurship in the meeting hall on the second floor to the experts introduced the development of company, main products, production equipment, testing equipment and the company in recent years, the production and business operation; Then company general manager Sun Liqiang showed everyone around high-voltage vertical tower line, argon arc welding line, extrusion molding machine production line, high voltage test hall, partial discharge are introduced in detail to you all the way high pressure, ultra-high voltage cable production process flow, equipment operation and test cases. The production status of the two companies and leading experts left a good impression on the working environment. The cable system throughout the country technical communication meeting guests to visit the company visit expert peer enterprises, through word of mouth effect for both the company's products sales and market development to promote good publicity effect, greatly improve the jiaozuo han river cable co. , LTD. , and taking wuhan river cable co. , LTD. , visibility, the future of the enterprise to expand production scale and high quality development is of far-reaching significance.
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