National brand net-suspended uhv verified

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] National brand net-suspended uhv verified BSCRM P' The south cable network] Month, uhv ac testing base construction project meeting held in wuhan, experts believe that the success of the test site commissioning, verify the rationality of the design of the uhv ac test demonstration project and the feasibility of the construction, for the construction of the uhv project provides a strong technical support. Domestic equipment by the 'examination' it is worth mentioning that uhv ac testing base using equipment are developed for the first time domestic various equipment is a basic operation success. In base construction equipment selection, development, debugging, the experience can be obtained for uhv ac test demonstration project to provide reference in the future, at the same time, single loop test line electromagnetic environment test results, preliminary verified the demonstrative project of uhv ac test design can meet the national environmental protection requirements. Millions of volts) uhv transmission technology has a large conveying capacity, high system stability limit, reduce line losses, reduce the engineering investment, save line corridors, improving the structure of the power grid, and many other advantages, is a resource saving and environmentally friendly technology. Compared with kv power transmission network, kv ac uhv power transmission system can improve the transport capacity is about to times, transmission distance is about to increase economy times, line loss reduce %, % transmission corridor land resource saving, unit capacity of comprehensive cost reduce %. At the same time, kv ac uhv power transmission system can effectively solve the kv power grid security and stability problems due to insufficient transport capacity, improve the safety and reliability of the power grid operation. By speeding up construction of millions grade v ac and + / - kV dc system composed of high voltage network key, the coordinated development of power grids at all levels, strong national power grid, can promote big coal power, hydropower, nuclear power base, intensive development, and through the intensive development of large power supply base, to further promote the development of uhv power grid, promote across regions, cross river, long distance, large scale optimal allocation of resources, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of energy. Didn't start from behind in the early years ago, the United States, the Soviet union, Japan, Italy and other countries have carried out the study of uhv transmission technology, has made a lot of basic research and experiment research. Began in the last century in our country s uhv power technology theory and application research, the scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning, and equipment manufacturing enterprises to actively participate in and around many academicians, experts and engineering technical personnel has necessity and feasibility of including uhv transmission, overvoltage and insulation coordination, electromagnetic environment, uhv equipment development and complete set of technical specifications, the construction of uhv ac/dc test base and national grid simulation center and demonstration projects of thousand volts high-voltage ac testing and uhv power grid planning and other important areas and key technology about a number of technical issues to carry out in-depth and detailed research work, written dozens of uhv ac/dc standard, submit the enterprise standard, uhv enterprise standard system is established. The invention patent application documents by the state intellectual property office of the review. Grid technology upgrade and uhv transmission technology innovation effectively promote the electric power enterprise independent innovation ability, their own intellectual property rights of the rapid development of the technology innovation and management innovation. Research results show that the development of uhv transmission and has practical application in engineering. Technology innovation, the ultra high voltage engineering safety in the first place. To actively and effectively promote steady development of uhv transmission technology, the state grid corporation of uhv experiment and demonstration project construction committee of experts on (date) (month) (year) was established in Beijing. Committee of experts by state grid company consulting and related professional senior experts both at home and abroad, including academician. Main responsibility is the key technical problems in engineering construction, major technical solutions, such as advice, give full play to their role as the expert group, a think-tank, scientific decision-making, democratic decision-making, and provide technical support and technical support, and the extreme pressure experiment and demonstration project construction to become the world first-class high-quality goods project. Challenge the commanding heights confidently uhv ac pilot base equipment tendering purchasing a number of domestic manufacturers to participate in the kV equipment development work. Has been successively formed kV transformer, casing, lightning arrester, the CVT transmission equipment technical conditions ( Technical specifications) , become a demonstrative project of uhv ac testing equipment tendering technical basis, and will gradually become the industry standard. KV domestic transformer, casing, lightning arrester, CVT in uhv ac test base is put into operation, greatly promoted the uhv equipment localization and process of our standardized set of uhv technology. Construction kilovolt power grids, and so did the huge market demand, uhv ac/dc equipment is given priority to with 'I' the thinking of developing uhv equipment, created a new development space for electrical equipment manufacturing industry in our country. Will actively guide and promote the manufacturing enterprise to strengthen equipment research and development and the key technology research and implementation of new technological leapfrogging, continuous development in the fierce market competition. During the '11th five-year', uhv ac power transmission and transformation project construction lines will amount to km, wan kva substation capacity. At the same time, to meet the '12th five-year' xiluodu and xiangjiaba hydropower stations need to be delivered to the outside, the '11th five-year' will also successively during construction of xiangjiaba and xiluodu hydropower station to east China and central China - kilovolt HVDC project. Along with the advancement of uhv construction, huge market demand of uhv ac/dc equipment, will greatly enhance the level of China's major electrical equipment manufacturing and the independent innovation ability, significantly enhanced domestic uhv cutting-edge technology products in the international market competitiveness, to accelerate our country's basic industry, manufacturing technology, scientific and technological personnel, major equipment has reached the international advanced technology level across the strategy, promote the construction of an innovative country is of great importance. ( State grid company of wuhan high voltage research institute Luo Junhua)
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