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Nanhua futures: rubber industry accelerated upward

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Nanhua futures: rubber industry accelerated upward cable net P today market: Shanghai leave high to go high adhesive main contract today, rise like a rainbow. Opened in point, on the morning of disk volatility is relatively quiet, but at noon the meteoric rise of the high and late to point. Throughout the volume capacity growth, holdings reduce hand. Fundamental analysis: U. S. stocks rose, posted its biggest one-day gain a month, a group of companies such as Coca Cola before reporting strong business again, and Spanish bond yields fell ease the fears of the euro zone's debt crisis. European stock markets rose, bank stocks led the rally, the German economic sentiment data and U. S. corporate earnings good positive boost investor confidence. On Tuesday the European automobile manufacturers' association ( Month) In Europe, according to data released registration car sales fell. % to thousands of vehicles, a month to its lowest level since. Europe's second-largest car market car sales fell % in France. The third largest market of Italy's biggest carmaker fiat's European sales % to vehicles, fell % delivery in Italy. At the same time, in ford's European sales fell. % to. Thousands of cars, the world's biggest carmaker, general motors sales fell to %. Thousands of cars. But, in German car makers in performance to prove its strength as Europe's first big car market, sales data inverse rose. News, the United States international trade commission, unanimous vote on Chinese imports of steel wheels of anti-dumping and countervailing duties. Southeast Asia day glue on the spot market, spot price basic stabilization. It is reported in Thailand rubber producing areas, in the severe season of drought has ended, latex rubber farmers have begun to tapping and production, but still could not supply increase sharply in the short term, piece of plastic and rubber farmers produce smoke still needs a few weeks time. According to Reuters, outside dish quotation, Thailand smoke RSS ( Month) Price usd/ton; STR ( Month) Price stabilization dollars/ton; SMR( Month) Quote $/ ton; SIR( Month) Price stabilization to dollars/ton. Domestic Shanghai XiaoQu full latex offer yuan/ton, down yuan/ton. Synthetic rubber prices weak decline, Shanghai XiaoQu styrene-butadiene rubber market price for yuan/tons, polybutadience rubber market price is about yuan/ton, the overall trading remains light, lower pay for lack of power, solid sheet is given priority to with talks. Paper: the overnight outside dish stock market, the Shanghai glue is strong today, back above points, breaking the previous shocks weak pattern. Short-term empty single can properly, near future concerns. This article reprinted from cable network ( Information source: south China futures)
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