Multiple grid region or new electricity to the next stop

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Multiple new electricity grid region or to the next stop globledata P black ants cable net: shenzhen electricity reform implemented since last month, 13 years have not been shaken power system finally appeared a little loose, but electric change rules has not been published has also become the personage inside course of study for suspension of heart of big stone. In two sessions of the government work report 'expand transmission and distribution reform' and 'we will accelerate reform of the electric power system' on the REINS, finally let the personage inside course of study in the heart of rock fall, change electric explosive, Inner Mongolia, yunnan, northeast three provinces and so on have multiple distribution grid side and the power supply ability of excess area will become the electricity to the next stop. From this year's annual electricity reform scheme of 'factory network, distribution separation, advocate complementary separation, separately for access to the Internet' four big goals, in addition to basic achieve the goal of building a factory net separately, the other three big electric change basically belongs to the marking time, no big breakthrough. 。 / KV plastic insulated power cable is comprehensively deepen reform of the years, have accelerated in electric power system reform process. Official statement for the first time, confirm the several opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power system is introduced. 'The core content of the new electric change is a reform in the field of our country for the first time to sell electricity, power grid companies unified purchase and sale of monopoly situation will change. 'China council for the promotion of electric power development Jiang Shaojun professional adviser, said this means the power to decide between the seller and the buyer power, electricity price. In the direct power purchase to deepen reform of guangdong province, take the lead in implementing power transmission and distribution, reveals the development of a new round of electric change path. Industry insiders predict, Inner Mongolia, yunnan, northeast three provinces and so on have multiple distribution grid side and the power supply ability of excess area will become the electricity to the next stop. Inner Mongolia coal and electricity, wind resource is rich, with large power generation, transmission and distribution of electric power enterprise, but because of the power channel narrow, limited power transmission capacity, the local can't timely given the surplus electricity. Excess capacity on the one hand, on the other hand, the exclusive monopoly of distribution form, also compared with another round of electric change. In addition, the transmission power demand and its own water and electricity installed to expand the dual pressure of yunnan hydropower power growing, direct power purchase transactions or will continue to expand. And the three provinces of northeast power generation capacity planning is far more than the new uhv transmission capacity of channel. In yunnan province and the northeast three provinces excess power supply capacity, can expand the scale of profit-making price marketization, given the excess capacity. To market-oriented ACTS as a 'catalyst' in the allocation of resources, to improve the efficiency of power production and use, this also is the core content of power system reform. Gradually to break the monopoly and orderly of competitive business, and promote the diversification of the market, ensure fair and open and orderly competition in the market, to conform to the actual conditions and electric power industry in China. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com
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